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stainless stel decorative mesh design concept and characteristic

Time:2019-04-03 Views:982
Stainless steel decorative mesh design concepts and features. The quality of life depends on the perfection of the small details in our lives, not only to be durable, but also to be beautiful. Stainless steel metal decorative mesh has stainless steel decorative mesh and aluminum alloy, copper wire spiral curtain, steel plate aluminum mesh plate decorative mesh, metal bead curtain, rope decoration net, wall decoration net and so on. Starting from drawing, smashing, tying, polishing, rinsing, weaving, sales and after-sales services, we gradually formed a one-stop service for production and sales. The products are durable, gorgeous and high-grade, with high technology content. They are widely used in interior and exterior decoration of high-rise buildings such as curtains, ceilings, stairs, elevators, luxury office buildings, hotels, luxury dance halls, business halls, etc. Under the golden, elegant and refined. The aluminum wire and copper wire spiral decorative net are made of high-quality aluminum alloy wire, copper wire, stainless steel wire, etc. The finished product can be the original color of the metal, or it can be sprayed into other colors such as bronze, ebony black, jujube, etc. The width and height can be Feel free to set. The product has the characteristics of solemnity, generosity, good stereo effect, etc. It is more attractive under the illumination of light, and is an ideal decoration material for modern hotels, restaurants and exhibition halls. The stainless steel decorative net is made of high quality 304 or 316 stainless steel wire, the diameter wire is stainless steel wire rope, 2-4 pieces are a group, and each set is at a certain distance. The distance and the thickness of the rope can be customized according to the customer‘s requirements. It is a single stainless steel rod, which is also at a certain distance, which is determined by the customer. The maximum width that our factory can provide (that is, the length of a single stainless steel rod of weft) is 4 meters, and the length direction is not limited. The stencil decoration net combines modern metal smelting technology, unique patterns and appearances, not only gives a strong visual impact on the shape, but also provides different optical and acoustic effects, so that designers can have more modern architecture. Expansion capacity. Stainless steel metal decorative mesh - a variety of styles, a variety of shapes, the main shape of the beads, spherical, long and short, rice beads, pumpkin shape, etc., these beads together, it becomes a beautiful Bead curtain. The colors are: silver white, gun black; green bronze, red bronze, gold, black, color, etc., according to the surrounding color to choose the corresponding style of bead curtain to match.

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