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anti-fall stainless steel rope mesh construction

Time:2019-07-09 Views:253
The stainless steel wire mesh is flexible and flexible, and can be folded and bent to form various shapes. Whether the design of the bird cage stainless steel rope net is reasonable, whether it is consistent with the bird habits and characteristics, directly affects their reproduction and growth. The location and form of bird cage construction should be considered and designed and constructed in terms of feeding purposes, breeding types and economical and practical requirements. Birds have different requirements for bird nets due to their different body types and habits. Although they are all good at flying activities, the birdhouse protection nets cannot be made too big. Too tall is often inconvenient for management and visits. Railing net stainless steel wire mesh Decorative wall & plant climbing, stainless steel wire mesh decorative wall Stainless steel wire mesh plant climbing net whether round, square, triangular, or other irregular shape, or even 3D shape, can be achieved. After all, the external environment also affects our mood. Therefore, there is no problem in choosing the color during the decoration. As long as it is a color that suits your personality, it will be very suitable! Of course, if we don‘t understand our own character, we can do some short-answering tests to learn more about our personality. This way, when choosing a color, you can more accurately choose the color you like. Building safety scaffolding net color can be customized according to customer requirements. Birdhouses in zoos or bird parks have a large footprint, and sometimes a variety of birds are displayed in the same cage. Chain link net, hexagonal net and stainless steel woven mesh are available.
Stainless steel big bird cage net. In addition, customers can also get the benefits from the stainless steel big bird cage network? Zoo designers strive to make the exhibition safer and more enjoyable - whether for animals or animals. Most zoo visitors focus on animals, not the environment and fences around the animal habitat. The zoo fence is an important facility to ensure the safety of visitors. If you can‘t choose the right material at the beginning of the design, you can imagine the potential dangers that will be of interest to visitors and zoos. As a professional supplier of weaving net zoo fences, Cannes Stainless Steel Rope Net Factory provides hundreds of thousands of square meters of safety materials for domestic and foreign zoos. People call it the zoo network. In decades of experience, there was no feedback that the fence was destroyed by animals. In any case, stainless steel woven meshes basically appear to protect people or other things.

Stainless steel rope nets are experienced in different types of animal enclosures. So in 30 years, the price/performance ratio is high, and everyone will know it at a glance. The processing procedure of the buckle installation of the stainless steel rope net, we know that the stainless steel rope net is divided into two according to the production structure, the two are divided according to the type of structure, one is to manually prepare two stainless steel wire ropes, If you look closely, you will find that the two sections of the stainless steel rope are welded. The purpose of this is to keep the rope from falling off. Then, the two ends are interpenetrated and intertwined to form a diamond-shaped quadrilateral, and then a plurality of sporadic quadrilaterals form a mesh surface. Finally, a cross-woven stainless steel rope net is formed. The welding net is not expensive, but it is cumbersome and limited in shape. It will rust after a period of use. Whether you need to build a flight cage for a bird park or an exhibition at a zoo, we can provide you with professional materials on how to protect animals. Our products usually have two levels of packaging, one is the inner plastic film, this is packaged on the body, mainly to prevent dust, etc., used for long-distance transportation, not to customers. In the hands, there is already a layer of dust. The second layer is the outer packaging, which mainly protects the inner layer of the decoration and protects the decorative rope net. This layer is waterproof, dustproof and tensile, which is very suitable for external packaging. Most of the children‘s observations and understanding of wildlife are now from the zoo. As an animal protection base and exhibition venue, the zoo will expand the variety of animals as much as possible. Every animal is different, and solving the zoo‘s problems requires great attention to detail. Characteristics of stainless steel rope net: stainless steel rope net is used for bridge protection net with strong tensile force and breaking force, which can effectively protect personal safety. Cannes stainless steel rope net is used for bridges and stairs protection nets with good flexibility, corrosion resistance and no rust. It is suitable for outdoor climatic environments. Custom mesh size can be used in various places, flexible and convenient to install; high-grade and beautiful. It is a green environmental protection net with good permeability and integration with the natural environment. The stainless steel bridge protection net does not need to be cured and has a service life of more than 30 years. The disadvantage of the hook flower net is that it is easy to rust, and the outer soil layer is easily damaged by weathering. Shaped shapes are more difficult. Stainless steel animal seine is usually used for zoo exhibitions. Stainless steel rope net Generally speaking, the mesh size of stainless steel rope net is determined by the size of the animal. The rope of the steel rope is determined by the fierceness of the animal. The specific size and size need to be selected according to the actual application environment. In order to facilitate customers‘ choice, the stainless steel rope net factory will recommend common specifications according to the installation experience. If the application environment is special, engineers and technicians can carry out survey and design, and put forward detailed materials, rope diameter, hole spacing and overall structure advice. . The next time you use the fence, you must consider it carefully to get the right animal fence material.
Fall protection stainless steel rope net