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Black oxid stainless steel cable mesh has been widely praised in recent years,

Time:2019-10-15 Views:1217

Black oxid stainless steel cable mesh as upgrade of stainless steel cable mesh,it has been widely praised in recent years,baina stainless steel cable mesh factory develope from  natural color of steel rope mesh become natural black color after black oxidation treatment.more corrosion resistant ,better visual effect.

The performance of black oxidation cable mesh is as good as natural color cable is not painted in order to the purpose of is treated by black oxidation,A layer of oxide is attached on the surface of the mesh.Therefore,it also increase the corrosion resistance while dyeing.

There is a company in the United States is specialized in stainless steel mesh black oxidation treatment, understand the company, everyone will know that black oxidation is a very good idea.

Baena stainless steel rope net factory is a manufacturer, not only the production of stainless steel cable net, and support customized services.

Customization includes many aspects: mesh and rope diameter optional, mesh size and segmentation scheme, black oxidation treatment of the mesh, simple tools and components for mesh connection, remote installation guidance, and so on.

About the size of the cable network mesh, the need for special note: mesh is generally rectangular shape to produce;Special shape mesh also needs to be produced according to the rectangle, and then in the installation, fixed each side before cutting.Remember, must not cut before installation.Because the mesh is contracted before installation, rashly cutting will lead to failure to install.

Black oxidation stainless steel cable network on the selection of bai na manufacturers.Wholesale price, let you save money;Brand quality, let you free of worry.Welcome to consult!