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Calculation and application of stainless steel rope mesh per unit weight

Time:2019-10-30 Views:1168
First ,it is a malleable mesh,mesh surface size ,weight and the mesh aperture angle size has certain relationship.the same mesh,its area is maximum when the mesh is pulled to the reasonable point.unit area weight is lightest,on the contrary ,when the mesh aperture is larger and smaller than most reasonable mesh.the weight of per unit area is going up.

But users depend on actual usage,possible the angle of mesh ,not necessarilly its maximum usable area,so ,the unit area will be heavier than maximum usable area.

So only according to the specific method of use, then to specific calculation, there is no a specific coefficient.
And the way I did that is I figured out how much stainless steel rope to use to determine the weight per unit area.
Use of stainless steel mesh:

1. Decoration, construction and renovation of animal cages, bird nets, animal enclosures and gardens in zoos, wildlife parks, ocean parks and other similar environments.
2: suitable for stadium, acrobatics, home decoration, furniture beautification, architectural decoration, municipal garden, park protection stairs protection, guardrail and other fields.
3: deep processing: anti-theft backpack bag bag, packaging bag, bag.
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