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Cutting-proof zoo exhibition mesh is crucial for animal mesh.

Time:2019-10-08 Views:891
Preventing cutting is crucial for animal exhibition is to prevent the animal claws and teeth from cutting open the cage.On the other hand ,it  can prevent the hand-made and accidental damage.protect the safety of animal.choosing rhe zoo animal anti-cutting material ,it is to find baina manufacture

Baina wire mesh manufacture provide the strong and durable material for your zoo.

For animals,claws anf teeth are their defensive weapons and tools to get food.they can also used to destroy thing that block them.such us fence and barrier..We we cannot stop them from using claw and teeth ,it‘s their nature.what we can do is to use strong material to make   fence and barrier.

Stainless steel woven rope net is a kind of new, close to nature, cutting - proof zoo exhibition net material.No rust, corrosion resistance.Light and good perspective.Human damage can be prevented as well as animal damage.
Such excellent materials have been widely used in zoos or buildings, and received a lot of praise.

If you have not been exposed to this material, you must know that it is really excellent.
How to choose the first time to use this anti-cutting zoo exhibition network?
Baina stainless steel woven mesh has a variety of specifications to choose, rope diameter and aperture should be based on animal species, specific application to choose appropriate.How to choose the size of the screen, how to determine the size.These issues need specific communication.You provide measurement data or design drawings.We will arrange suitable material saving cutting mesh for you.
As for the installation is very simple, suitable for wire rope and ring can complete the installation of small cage.
If you want to know more about the anti-cutting zoo exhibition network, please contact us for more details.
Anti - cutting zoo exhibition network on the selection of bai na manufacturers.Wholesale price, let you save money;Brand quality, let you worry.Welcome to consult!