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Environmental protection new wire rope mesh

Time:2019-10-22 Views:1130
stainless steel rope mesh is an essential building material in building reinforcement construction,it is light-weight ,corrosion resistant,good reinforcement.therefore,it is widely used by general construction contractors.

Our factory follows the world advanced technology development.import advanced technology continuously,recently used polymer motar reinforcement  technology is one of most advanced in can effectively improve bearing capacity of reinforced concret beam,slabs,columns,and masonry walls.

at the same time,the ductility of component is also improved,in particular ,it solves the defect that the previous reinforcement is not good to column node reinforcement.the technology has high strength ,fire prevention and polymerization characteristic.
 and no pollution to people and environment.completely in line with the concept of green environmental protection.

Selection of wire rope:

important structure ,component,or structure in corrosive medium environmental.wet and open air environment.high strength stainless steel rope mesh should be selected.

General structure component in normal environment,can use high strength galvanized rope mesh ,but measure should be taken to prevent rust.

Stainless steel rope mesh ,environmental protection new wire rope mesh advantage,

Polymer mortar has high strength, fast construction speed and short construction period.

The shrinkage of polymer mortar is small, reduce the generation of cracks, effectively prevent carbon dioxide, can prevent concrete carbonization.

Polymer mortar freeze-thaw and durability good, its mechanical properties and concrete similar, with permeability, improve the long-term bond performance.

Good fire resistance, corrosion resistance and aging resistance.

High strength wire rope strength is high, its standard strength is about 5 times of ordinary steel, so after the reinforcement of the structure of self-weight increase small.

In the process of structural reinforcement does not affect the use of the building, the reinforced members of the surface without flatness requirements, node processing is convenient, can be reinforced with defects or low strength of concrete structure.

Bending reinforcement can not only improve the bearing capacity, but also improve the stiffness, which is incomparable to carbon fiber reinforcement.

The durability and high temperature resistance after reinforcement are solved, and the reinforcement performance is reliable.

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