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Factors affecting the protecting mesh quality

Time:2019-09-25 Views:326
The production method of protective net seriously affects the product quality: factors affecting the quality of protective net
Protective mesh production process
Construction preparation → lofting → blanking → welding device → grinding → weld line view → polishing.
Primary construction method:
After the construction should be carried out before the site lofting, and accurately calculate the length of various bar.
: according to the length of the protective net accurate blanking, the component blanking length error is 1mm.
3, select the appropriate welding technology, electrode diameter, welding current, welding speed, and so on, after the welding technology test verification.
In addition, degreasing decontamination disposal: before welding check groove, assembly gap is in line with the requirements, positioning welding is not strong, there should be no oil around the weld.Otherwise should choose trichloroethylene, benzene, gasoline, neutral detergent or other chemicals with stainless steel wire brush rinse, when necessary, available Angle grinder grinding, grinding metal appearance after welding.
5, welding should choose a smaller stainless steel electrode (wire) and welding current.During welding, the welding spots between the components should be strong, the welding seam should be full, the welding wave of the metal appearance of the welding seam should be uniform, and there should be no cracks, slag inclusion, welding tumor, burn through, arc pit and needle hole, and no spatter in the welding area.
• after the completion of bar welding assembly, about the weld without significant dents or protrusions of larger welding beads, can be directly polished.For the welding seams with concave and convex residual or larger welding bead, the Angle grinder is used for grinding, grinding and polishing.After polishing, it is necessary to make the appearance bright, smooth and without significant welding traces.
Quality standard:
1. The blanking accuracy of all components shall be guaranteed, and the error of component length shall be 1mm.
2. It is necessary to check whether the components are straight before blanking, or it is necessary to straighten them.
3. The welding rod or wire shall be selected according to the type of materials to be welded, and shall have the factory qualification certificate.
4. It is necessary to position the components accurately when welding.
5, welding between the components should be strong, the weld should be full, the welding wave should be uniform appearance of the weld, there should be no bite, not full welding, cracks, residual, welding tumor, burn through, arc scratch, arc pit and needle hole, welding area should not be splash.
6, after the completion of welding, welding slag should be knocked clean.
7. After the component is welded and assembled, it should be gently polished with the handheld machine to make the appearance smooth and bright.
Quality issues to be noted:
1, the scale beyond allowed error: the weld length, width, thickness of the lack of, center line deviation, bending and other errors, should be strictly controlled the relative azimuth scale of the welding site, qualified after quasi welding, welding careful operation.
2, weld cracks: in order to avoid the occurrence of cracks, should choose the appropriate welding technical parameters and welding procedures, avoid the need for large current, do not flameout, weld joints should overlap 10~15mm, welding do not allow to move, knock welding parts.
3, the appearance of stoma: it is necessary to wash the welding parts clean, select the appropriate welding current during the welding process, reduce the welding speed, so that the gas in the weld pool completely escape.
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