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function and requirement of stainless steel wire mesh

Time:2019-07-29 Views:202
Good protection products are not only tough but also have some flexibility, so today we will learn about a new product. Flexible stainless steel rope nets are often referred to as environmental and natural protection networks. The protection network is widely used in railways, highways, mines, tourist resorts, rivers, municipal engineering and other fields. Wire rope nets are a good thing. New products of new technology have completely changed the traditional protection concept.

Compared with similar products, this product has an unparalleled advantage. When the product is subjected to a huge impact, the product prolongs the action time, increases the force area of ​​the point, and at the same time, combines with the whole in the local force; it avoids the destruction of the local concentrated force.

Stainless steel rope mesh products are suitable for any complex terrain while protecting the original terrain. The product has net, small visual interference, convenient manual greening, quick and convenient construction, short time limit, standardized product assembly factory, and no on-site reprocessing. There are only a few simple mechanics, a small amount of manpower and a small amount of dirt and stone foundations that do not require large rules. Mold excavation, there is no large amount of material operation, block type quick installation, does not affect the normal operation and other construction functions of adjacent buildings, and avoids major economic losses caused by "interference".

The flexible stainless steel rope net is an environmental protection function and requirement. The flexible stainless steel rope net is a flexible safety protection system for preventing protection as well as decoration and overall stability. The stainless steel rope net flexible active protection net borrows the concept of "soft and hard" to achieve "do more with less."
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