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How should to protect stainless steel wire mesh

Time:2019-09-16 Views:303
Recently, many users of stainless steel rope nets have not experienced any degree of damage before they are actually put into use. In the final analysis, most of them are not protected by stainless steel wire rope during storage, lifting and transportation. So how should the stainless steel wire rope protect it?
1. The stainless steel rope net should have a special storage rack. The storage rack should be a wooden or surface painted carbon steel bracket or mat with a rubber mat to be isolated from other metal materials such as carbon steel. When storing, the storage location should be easy to lift, and relatively isolated from other material storage areas. Protective measures should be taken to avoid contamination of stainless steel by dust, oil and rust.
2. When hoisting stainless steel rope net, special spreader should be used, such as sling belt, special chuck, etc. It is strictly forbidden to use sharp and rough lifting equipment to avoid scratching the surface: and when lifting and placing, avoid impact and bump and cause scratch .
3. When transporting stainless steel rope nets, use transportation tools (such as trolleys, battery cars, etc.), and clean and isolate protective measures to prevent dust, oil, and rust from contaminating stainless steel. Do not drag and drop to avoid bumps and scratches.
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