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Passive protective net construction steps

Time:2019-08-05 Views:203
Passive protective net construction steps

In order to ensure the smooth equipment that is forced to be protected, we need to check the machines and materials on site before the start of construction. Are they all in place, and they are all in line with the requirements, together with the relevant staff, also need to be realistically grasped. The construction technology prevents the time of construction from being ignored. In general, it is also necessary to carry out technical training together to see if the on-site technicians are still unclear about the operation. Therefore, it can be guaranteed that the construction will not be tense at the scene, so what are the construction processes of the forced protection net for a few days? What?
Steel column foundation and anchor bolt construction. The thicker part of the covering layer can be filled with concrete after excavation according to the planning requirements; for the local area where the covering layer is not thick, when excavating to the bedrock and not reaching the planned depth, the upper foundation concrete is poured after the construction of the anchor; for rock or concrete Foundation, construction of anchors directly on rock or concrete. After the construction of the anchor and concrete is completed, the base is placed into the anchor bolt and tightened with a nut.

Steel column and pull-up anchor rope equipment. The steel column and the base are hinged by bolts and the viewpoint is adjusted by pulling up the anchor rope. The anchorage depth of the pull-up anchor rope anchor is not less than 2.0 m in the rock part, and the groove of the thicker part of the cover layer is 20 cm long, 20 cm wide, and 2.0 m deep, and is filled with C20 concrete or M25 mortar; The anchor should be placed in an orientation such that the angle between the anchor rope and the steel column is between 45° and 75°.
Upper support rope and pressure relief ring equipment. There are two types of protective online support ropes: single rope and double rope. The construction technology is similar, and they are suspended at the top of the steel column. Pay attention to this process: The equipment orientation of the pressure reducing ring should be about 50cm away from the steel column, and the pressure reducing ring of each span on the same supporting rope is related to the steel column symmetry, which can play the role of overall force.
Steel wire mesh equipment and stitching. After lifting the steel rope through the steel rope net and lifting it to the same height of the upper support rope, temporarily fix the steel rope net with the shackle, and pull out the lifting rope, and then suture the suture rope. The suture rope is controlled by the length of the steel wire mesh 1. 3 times, stitched from the midpoint of the steel wire mesh to both sides, and it is necessary to pass through each mesh hole and tightly coil it with the support rope.
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