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pengxi stainless steel wire mesh details

Time:2019-06-26 Views:240
Close to nature, green and environmentally friendly. It can be used in any climatic environment, does not change color under long-term sunlight, and will not corrode in rain, snow, rain and fog. The stainless steel rope net has a flat surface, good permeability and a blended environment. The appearance is luxurious, the style is novel, and the unique features are a big landscape. The design is not limited, the designer can arbitrarily design the aperture-rope diameter. And easy to install, can be applied on any under construction. No post maintenance is required. Beautiful and transparent, close to nature, green and environmentally friendly; able to give animals an unconstrained sense of space while giving visitors a good viewing experience

Bird cage rope nets are used in the construction of bird cages in zoos and gardens. Bird cages are made of white cranes, black cranes, red-crowned cranes, parrots, macaws, white sunflower parrots, white swan, peacocks, thrushes, acacias, starlings, and geese. Custom mesh size for effective coverage of the top and periphery of animal cages. And the installation is flexible and simple. The stainless steel wire mesh is beautiful and close to nature, and it is a green environmental protection net. Excellent permeability. The stainless steel rope net is corrosion-resistant, never rusted, and resistant to wind, frost, snow and snow. It is very suitable for outdoor animal cages. It has good flexibility and is very suitable for acrobatics, performance field protection, etc., saving space. Stainless steel wire rope material: stainless steel 304/316l braided mesh, support rope and anchor system Stainless steel decorative rope net product features can be summarized as "safe, beautiful, durable, environmentally friendly".
The vehicle on the highway collides with the stainless steel rope net. Because the stainless steel rope net has good flexibility, it can effectively reduce the casualties and losses of the accident. The construction of the bird language forest stainless steel rope net is a long-term project. For the bird language forest protection net, it is necessary to choose a durable stainless steel rope net hanging on the suspension bridge or on both sides of the viaduct. It can also form a beautiful landscape, which can drive on the road. People are happy.
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