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purchase options about stainless steel wire mesh.

Time:2019-09-06 Views:274

First of all to see the stainless steel rope mesh product surface color, uniform, no rust;Second to touch the stainless steel wire mesh diameter is smooth, no barbs, the overall mesh folding pull toughness is intact;Then measure the wire rope diameter, mesh size is consistent with the requirements;If the conditions allow, it can also test the wire rope tension and whether the material conforms to the standard, etc.Of course, some of the above points related to professional knowledge, if you can not identify, you can use the most simple method, that is to see the factory certificate, according to the manufacturer to choose whether to buy.Choose a good reputation of the manufacturers produced by the stainless steel wire mesh, so we can be assured to buy.

Stainless steel rope mesh since it has applied for huge, corrosion resistance, beautiful, long life and other characteristics are widely used in network, animal zoo animal cages purse Seine, tree birds protection, such as species commonly used include tigers, lions, leopards, parrot, crane, deer peacock, the eagle, monkeys and apes, and so on, is not restricted by environment, cage shape.

Stainless steel rope network, wire rope network on the selection of baina manufacturers.Wholesale prices, let you save money;Brand quality, let you free of worry.Welcome to consult!