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satinless steel wire mesh play important role

Time:2019-05-14 Views:257
First, the function of the openness of the stainless steel rope net provides the necessary conditions for the subsequent or subsequent conditions and the artificial slope greening when necessary. The green plants can grow freely in their open space, and the soil rooting effect of the plant roots It is integrated with the slope protection system to protect the slope and slope vegetation according to the slope damage and soil erosion, and to complete the slope protection and environmental protection intentions.
2. If there is any doubt in the planning documents, the effect of the stainless steel rope net is wrong or the planned place is appropriate, the owner, the planning unit and the project supervision unit should be contacted in time to go to the field to investigate and understand the solution of the remote stacking platform. .
Third, the beginning of the operation, highway engineering construction skills and materials preparation of some uncertain factors such as rain, traffic disturbances, etc., skilled personnel should be aware of the number, in order to fully consider the corresponding construction links.
Fourth, the preparation of the construction plan: the effect of the slope protection network according to the construction plan in the planning documents and the detailed requirements of the construction owner in the contract, contact the project site, detailed construction conditions and the status of the project contractor, the details A feasible implementation arrangement and a copy of the supervision engineer and the construction owner‘s consent before completion.
V. Skills Consultation Before the construction, the skilled personnel should have a unified understanding of the skill specifications and operating procedures. The new skills and new work arrangement experts (including the project supervision unit and the construction owner) should be fully proved to avoid engineering problems during construction.
The wire rope net is mainly used to prevent people and objects from falling or to avoid and mitigate falling object damage, to protect the safety of high-level workers and pedestrians and to clean the construction site. Features: 1. High mesh density, normal vertical safety The net is not less than 800 mesh 100 square centimeters, and the mesh density of this product is as high as 2000 mesh / 100 square centimeters.