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stainless steel cage net is also a product of stainless steel rope mesh

Time:2019-07-12 Views:9
Stainless steel big bird cage net. In addition, customers can also get the benefits from the stainless steel big bird cage network? Decorative stainless steel wire rope mesh is widely used in buildings, such as facades, partitions, ceilings, sunshades, balconies and corridors, pillar surface decoration, roller blinds, stairways, and high-end restaurants, offices, exhibition halls, shops, etc. Renovation. The stainless steel decorative net is characterized by the size of the space, the installation is simple, and the lighting will produce a very mysterious effect, which is very modern. Weaving with high-quality stainless steel wire first. It has the characteristics of good rotation, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature and long service life. Small animals, raccoons, red pandas, koalas, etc.: HM1638, HM2038
Stainless steel rope nets are experienced in different types of animal enclosures. Our products usually have two levels of packaging, one is the inner plastic film, this is packaged on the body, mainly to prevent dust, etc., used for long-distance transportation, not to customers. In the hands, there is already a layer of dust. The second layer is the outer packaging, which mainly protects the inner layer of the decoration and protects the decorative rope net. This layer is waterproof, dustproof and tensile, which is very suitable for external packaging. It provides security for humans and animals, as well as aesthetics. Whether you need to build a flight cage for a bird park or an exhibition at a zoo, we can provide you with professional materials on how to protect animals.

Stainless steel rope net
Stainless steel rope net Generally speaking, the mesh size of stainless steel rope net is determined by the size of the animal. The rope of the steel rope is determined by the fierceness of the animal. The specific size and size need to be selected according to the actual application environment. In order to facilitate customers‘ choice, the stainless steel rope net factory will recommend common specifications according to the installation experience. If the application environment is special, engineers and technicians can carry out survey and design, and put forward detailed materials, rope diameter, hole spacing and overall structure advice. . General manufacturers are mass-produced, and small sizes can only be purchased from retail outlets. No rust, light weight, long service life, no shape restrictions. Every animal is different, and solving the zoo‘s problems requires great attention to detail. Stainless steel rope mesh use: the openness of the system. Groundwater can be freely drained. It avoids the problem of slope instability caused by the increase of groundwater pressure. In addition to stabilizing the slope, the system can also inhibit the further weathering of the slope. Erosion. There is no special requirement for the morphological characteristics of the slope. It does not destroy and change the original landform morphology and vegetation growth conditions of the slope. Its open characteristics retain the necessary conditions for the subsequent or future conditions and the artificial slope greening when needed. Stainless steel rope mesh principle More specifications, please see the specification page - animal fence network specifications Different types of birdhouse fences Stainless steel animal fence is usually used for zoo exhibitions. Because of these unparalleled advantages, woven wire mesh fences are becoming more and more popular, replacing other materials. From big cats to polar bears, baina Stainless Steel Rope Nets custom-made zoo cage nets and wildlife park fences have been used by many zoos at home and abroad for many years. In addition, construction companies and design companies work with us. Cannes‘s weaving zoo cages and safari fences and aviary solutions provide animals with a clean and natural environment while still providing a high level of safety and security for animals and visitors. Zoo aviaries or birdhouse aviaries Many of the zoo‘s orchards have used this material as a building material for animal cages.