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stainless steel rope mesh/wire bird mesh/other material bird fence cage

Time:2019-05-22 Views:370
The cage net and the fence net produced by Baina Stainless Steel Rope Net Factory are ideal choices. Grasping the characteristics of animal activities, not being restrained, and combining with our own site environment problems, we have studied and produced animal cage nets and zoo purse nets woven with imported stainless steel wire ropes. The sight is good and blends with nature, which gives the animal an illusion of being natural, with uniform mesh and smooth wire diameter, which protects the animal from the damage caused by friction during the climbing process. 2. Close to nature, green and environmentally friendly. It will not corrode rust under different environments. It blends in with the surrounding scenery.

First, the tensile strength is strong, the breaking force is strong, and the overall structure is firm and durable.
The diamond mesh is transparent and unobstructed. It is used for the tiger cage net, the lion fence net, the leopard cage protection net, etc., and integrates with the natural environment to give the animals a wide micro-ecological environment. 4. Corrosion-resistant, no rust; stainless steel rope net tiger cage net is made of high quality stainless steel SUS304/304L/316/316L, stainless steel lion purse is suitable for all kinds of weather conditions, cold and high temperature. 5. Long service life and maintenance-free; stainless steel rope net used for lion fence nets has a service life of more than 30 years. Fully maintain the stability of the soil rock, and artificially implement the greening effect of planting grass and planting trees. Integrate engineering and the environment. 

Second, stainless steel bird net is corrosion-resistant, non-rusting, adapt to various climates, does not require any maintenance, long life
The processing process of the stainless steel wire rope net is manual manual processing. The first step of the processing step is to collect the raw materials, that is, to purchase stainless steel wire. According to the customer‘s requirements, the wire can be 304.316.316l and some super alloys. In the second step, the raw material was purchased and the cutting of the stainless steel wire was started. Only after cutting, it can be used for the weaving of the stainless steel wire rope net. The third part is to order the accessories. This process is generally carried out in synchronization with the first step of purchasing the wire. JG system wire rope anchor + support rope + wire rope net + suture rope + hole pit + tension.
Third, the flexibility is good, suitable for all kinds of terrain and cage shape, stainless steel bird net can meet various design needs
But we still come to popularize the installation knowledge. 1. Both upper and lower support ropes in the form of double ropes shall be provided. The support ropes of RX-025, RX-050 and RX-075 systems shall be respectively selected from steel wires with diameters of 12mm, 16mm and 18mm, and the upper/lower support ropes of each span shall be respectively set. 1/1, 2/2, 2/4 decompression rings. When the length of the single-segment SNS passive system is greater than 70m, it should be set according to the span length of a single support rope not exceeding 50m. 3. Close to nature, green and environmental protection, no maintenance, long life. 4. Beautiful, good perspective, suitable for all kinds of animal cage design.
Fourth, beautiful and environmentally friendly, do not block the line of sight, and integrate with nature