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stainless steel wire mesh in the use of eight point for attention

Time:2019-09-19 Views:339

1. New stainless steel rope net is strictly prohibited to be used directly in high speed and heavy load:

The new stainless steel wire rope should not be directly used in high speed and heavy load immediately, but should run for a period of time in low speed and medium load condition, so that the new rope can adapt to the use state, and then gradually improve the running speed of the wire rope and increase the lifting load, that is, the new wire rope must go through the initial run-in stage before high-speed and heavy load operation.

2. Stainless steel rope network job-hopping is strictly prohibited:

When stainless steel wire rope and pulley are used together, care must be taken to prevent the wire rope from jumping out of the wheel groove.If the wire rope is still in use after falling off the wheel groove, the wire rope will produce extrusion deformation, kink, broken wire, broken strand, seriously shorten the service life of the wire rope, if the occurrence of rope breaking phenomenon, often bring disastrous consequences.

3. No extrusion deformation of stainless steel rope mesh:

Stainless steel wire rope can not be strongly pressed in use, so as to avoid deformation of the wire rope, leading to structural damage and early wire breakage (at this time the surface of the wire will appear martensite this brittle layer structure), strand breakage or even rope breakage, significantly reduce the service life of the wire rope and endanger the safety of the operation.

4. No friction between stainless steel wire rope and other objects during high-speed operation:

When stainless steel wire rope is running at high speed, it should avoid friction with other objects outside the non-matching wheel groove.Because under the condition of high speed, the instantaneous friction heat generated when the steel wire rope and these objects interact can lead to the appearance of martensite structure on the surface of the steel wire. Although the change in the structure cannot be identified by the naked eye, it is the main reason for the early fracture of the steel wire.

5. No loose and winding of stainless steel rope net:

When the stainless steel wire rope is wound on the reel, it should be arranged as neatly as possible.If the wire rope is wound randomly, the structure of the wire rope will be damaged due to mutual extrusion when the wire rope is working, resulting in early wire breakage, which directly affects the service life of the wire rope

6. Overload use of stainless steel rope net is strictly prohibited:

If the stainless steel wire rope is used over load, it will rapidly increase the degree of extruded deformation, the degree of wear between the inner wire and the outer wire and the matching wheel groove, which will bring serious harm to the operation safety and shorten the service life of the pulley.

7. Avoid severe impact and vibration on stainless steel wire rope:

During the use of stainless steel wire rope, if the speed of operation changes rapidly frequently, impact load will be caused.Although each impact is only an instant load, but the hidden great harm.When the impact load exceeds the allowable working stress of the wire rope, the rope will break.Even if the impact load does not necessarily lead to wire rope fracture, but multiple impact, will seriously shorten the service life of wire rope.For a wire rope that has been in use for a period of time, the impact resistance will be lower due to less scalability compared to the new rope.

Operating speed:

The lower the running speed, the less damage to the stainless steel wire rope.With the increase of running speed, the damage of stainless steel rope net increases accordingly.For this reason, sharp changes in speed during operation should be avoided, sudden and violent loading and braking should be avoided, which can reduce the damage of wire rope.The service life of wire rope is much longer than that of high speed operating under medium load.

8. In addition, stainless steel wire rope in use should not touch water, not water and wet sand through.Stainless steel rope netting should be used in as dry an environment as possible.Galvanized stainless steel rope net is recommended for rusting.

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