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stainless steel wire mesh manufacture direct factory ranking

Time:2019-05-06 Views:367
Stainless steel rope net factory direct manufacturers ranking, long-term service life: stainless steel rope net is made of stainless steel, even in harsh environments can be used for decades. In indoor conditions, the service life is 70 or 80 years. Stainless steel rope in the net There is dust on the surface, and the original bright effect can be restored by wiping with a towel. The stainless steel rope net has a unique advantage as a bird language forest. In the bird forest of the zoo, the birds fly around and can control the range of activities of the birds. When the steel column spacing is less than 7m, a single pull-up anchor rope shall be provided for each steel column in the middle, and the upper pull anchor rope shall be selected with a wire rope with a diameter of 16mm, and each pull-up anchor rope shall have one, one, and two respectively. A decompression ring. b. One side pull anchor rope is arranged for the steel column at the end of the side pull anchor rope, and the side pull anchor ropes of the RX-025, RX-050 and RX-075 systems are respectively selected from steel wires with diameters of 12mm, 16mm and 18mm. c. Intermediate reinforcement pull anchor rope when single-segment SNS passive system length is greater than 70 meters

A large stainless steel rope net covers the bird‘s activity. It is both a bird‘s net and a flexible net of stainless steel rope. It not only allows birds to enjoy the high-altitude flight, but also prevents birds from flying out of the circle. During the breeding process, birds may bite and scratch the stainless steel rope net, but because of the strong flexibility of the stainless steel mesh, they are generally not bitten. Backfilling the soil in the space between the retaining wall and the slope,Build a brick wall along the slope on the slope until the road surface. The brick wall with the slope is painted with cement mortar and intersects the road surface. The following stainless steel rope net manufacturer Cannes Xiaobian introduces you to the product knowledge of RXI-025 passive protection net. The open design of RXI-025 passive protection net is conducive to the natural discharge of groundwater on the slope and avoids the pressure of groundwater on the slope. The stereotyped SNS flexible protective net product realizes simple selection design based on the slope condition. Although it protects the stone, it can‘t stop the strong life - the growth of a green plant. As the saying goes, everything grows by the sun.

The active protective net active protection system is wrapped with various types of flexible nets mainly composed of steel wire nets on the required protective slopes or rocks to limit the weathering and flaking or damage of the rocky soil on the slope and the rock collapse (reinforcement), or Control the falling rock within a certain range of motion (enclosure). The first two are fixed by wire rope anchors and/or support ropes, the latter being passed through steel bars (prestressing can be applied) and/or wire rope anchors (used with edge support ropes), special anchor pads and, if necessary, edge supports A fixed way such as a rope. SNS flexible protective net also needs to pay attention to protect the galvanized layer during the process of unloading. When using the truck, please check the car as much as possible. For the column, remember not to pull it directly from the car. In the process of installation, try not to drag the wire rope net and transport it by machine equipment. The SNS flexible protective net consists of many parts, of which the active protective net is replaced by wire rope net, anchor rod, anchor bolt, support rope, screw, etc. The passive protective net consists of column, wire rope net, bolt, pedestal and support rope. The survival rate is very low, which is the phenomenon of slope sloping, topsoil loss and collapse on the hillside, which enables the engineering quality department to effectively guarantee. Stainless steel rope net factory direct manufacturers ranking