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stainless steel zoo protective rope mesh allow birds to live freely in the woods

Time:2019-07-17 Views:2
Birdhouse purse, stainless steel birdhouse nets allow birds to live freely in the woods. Sunlight, rain, and breeze can enter these natural elements. The special manufacturing process of stainless steel rope mesh material and high anti-corrosion and anti-rust technology determine the super high life of the system. The system can minimize the impact of the engineering team on the environment. Its protective area can fully protect the soil. The stability of the rock It is convenient for artificial greening. It is conducive to environmental protection. The principle of stainless steel rope net is similar to the surface slope protection system such as spray anchor and soil nail wall. However, due to its flexible characteristics, the system can concentrate the local concentrated load on all sides: stainless steel rope net. Ordinary wire grid (commonly known as wire grid) and TECCO high-strength steel wire grid are evenly transferred to give full play to the protection of the entire system. That is, the local load. The overall effect. So that the system can withstand large loads and reduce the single root. Anchoring force requirements for anchors. Birdhouse purse, stainless steel birdhouse net

But what makes the zoo‘s birds enjoy the natural environment? Stainless steel wire mesh is an important and major building material for stainless steel large bird cages. The thickness of the wire diameter affects the difficulty of trimming. The thinner the wire diameter, the smaller the strength of our hands will be. At this time we will feel very relaxed and beneficial to our work. After the wire diameter is thick, we need a lot of effort to cut the product. At this time, our work efficiency opportunities are greatly slowed down. This is not to say that we are lazy but the diameter is thick. We need more hand strength to cut, so it will slow down a lot. The summary is that the wire diameter is fine and the work is difficult. In fact, stainless steel woven mesh can be used not only in zoos, but also in other projects, such as fall protection, stair railings, deck railings, decorative walls, plant climbing and so on.
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