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what is the price about the bridge stainless steel rope mesh?

Time:2019-05-28 Views:506
What is the price of bridge protection stainless steel rope net?
One is to manually prepare two stainless steel wire ropes. If you look closely, you will find that the two sections of the stainless steel rope are welded. The purpose of this is to keep the wire rope from falling off. Then, the two ends are interpenetrated and intertwined to form a diamond-shaped quadrilateral, and then a plurality of diamond quadrilaterals form a mesh surface. Finally, a cross-woven stainless steel rope net is formed. The clasp-type rope net, as its name implies, is a rope net that is linked by a clasp. When such a rope net is installed, it is necessary to flatten the mesh surface in the field, convenient processing, new protection technology and perfect construction application technology.
Plant support nets, also known as plant climbing nets, are a sturdy and versatile stainless steel rope net designed to provide vertical and water-direction scaffolding for climbing plants and vegetables, as well as horizontal scaffolding for long-stem flowers and trees. When the plant support net is used vertically, the net can be used as a support for beans and peas until the crop grows to its maximum weight and is supported for harvesting. Compared with traditional scaffolding, it can effectively prevent the lack of wall parts, the fall of objects when it is taken off, and the safety hazard of lifting when the crane is removed. How many layers do you need to wrap a stainless steel rope mesh! This depends on our positioning of the product and whether it is responsible for the product. Because it is responsible for the product and hopes that its product is delivered to the customer intact, then we must package the product to avoid dust in the logistics transportation, or Being pulled.
The storage of things is very particular, the accurate storage method can make the items adhere to the new products for a long time, and the incorrect storage method will cause the items to become old or even damaged. When the wire rope nets are stored, they must use the correct ones. Ways, incorrect methods can lead to rust and other conditions, now , to specifically introduce the correct storage methods and precautions for wire rope nets, summed up the following points: the stainless steel rope net produced by our factory is relatively high-end and professional The zoo special mesh, the products are made of high quality stainless steel wire imported from Korea and Japan, and are twisted and braided by a unique process. Stainless steel rope nets are widely used in animal cages, bird nets, animal fences and garden decoration and construction and renovation in zoos, safari parks, marine parks and other similar environments. In addition, the stainless steel rope net is also suitable for sports, acrobatics, home decoration, architectural decoration and other fields. Decorative stainless steel wire rope net safety protection, guardrail, isolation net, building fence, exterior wall decoration, etc. It is suitable for the exterior walls, roofs, and hollows of various buildings.

1. It can‘t be placed directly on the ground, so the place where the wire rope net and the ground contact are easy to rust and corrode, affecting the application. On the ground, it is necessary to place the cushion layer, such as the wooden board and the like. The net is placed on top; in material applications: the system is adopted
Stainless steel high-strength steel wire rope is used as the main material of the system. For the choice of decorative style, usually everyone has a different choice, because in the decoration industry, you choose the aesthetic style, he chooses the classical style, some people choose, the passionate style, some people choose the low and gentle style, this It is determined according to each person‘s personality. So if you choose a stainless steel rope mesh with color decoration, for example, there will be one or the other choice. At this time, if you can‘t filter, choose your own style.
2, when stacked, can not accumulate too much, otherwise the bottom because of too much force, it is easy to deform, affecting the future use; stainless steel buckle net in the field of decoration, there are many successful applications, especially in In the large-scale display project, the perfect combination of stainless steel buckle net and product has become the best way to publicize the image. Cannes‘s design of stainless steel buckle net in practical application environment has become a representative benchmark project in the field of exhibition display. In addition, stainless steel buckle nets are also widely used in zoo fences, animal fences, animal cages, road protection, bridge fences, sports acrobatics fences and other fields. In material application: the system uses hot-dip galvanized high-strength steel wire rope as the main material of the system.
3, must be stored in a boring environment, it is easy to rust in a humid environment; if the application environment is special, engineers and technicians can conduct surveys, design, and put forward detailed materials, rope diameter, hole spacing and overall structure advice . The stainless steel rope net is a high-end and professional zoo special net. The products are made of high-quality stainless steel wire rope and are twisted and braided by a unique process. Use of stainless steel rope nets: construction and renovation of animal cages, bird nets, animal fences and garden decorations in zoos, safari parks, marine parks and other similar environments. In addition, the stainless steel rope net is also suitable for sports, acrobatics, home decoration, architectural decoration and other fields. Stainless steel rope net adopts flexible structure design, coordinated response between various components, standard modular operation, partial load, high strength light steel structural system
4. Placed in a place where corrosive items cannot be placed. In that case, it is easy to corrode the wire rope net, affecting the application and reducing the strength. Only simple machines, a small amount of labor, low labor intensity, a small amount of soil and stone foundation engineering can achieve rapid installation of system components. No matter what type of birds, birdhouse protection nets can be constructed with stainless steel rope nets, stainless steel birdhouses. The protective net has the characteristics of large pulling force, good flexibility, transparency, no rust, long life, beautiful and environmental protection, and is not restricted by the shape of the bird cage. Before building a birdhouse protection net, it is necessary to find out the location of the site and the surrounding soil, climate, water source, traffic and power. Comprehensive planning and rational layout can also be planned once and in phases. Generally speaking, the site of the birdhouse protection net should be quiet, concealed, high-lying, dry, sunny, ventilated, well-drained, and facing north.