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why choose the stainless steel wire mesh?

Time:2019-06-10 Views:257
Stainless steel rope mesh has the following advantages for bridge construction:
The principle of stainless steel rope net is similar to the surface slope protection system such as spray anchor and soil nail wall. However, due to its flexible characteristics, the system can concentrate the local concentrated load on all sides. Material: stainless steel rope net. Ordinary steel wire grid (often called iron wire grid) Grid) and TECCO high-strength steel wire mesh are evenly distributed to fully utilize the protection capability of the whole system. That is, the local load and the overall effect. Therefore, the system can withstand large loads and reduce the anchoring force requirement of a single anchor. Net use. Stainless steel rope net / wire rope bird net and other materials bird language forest network What are the advantages of being a bird language forest top network?
1. The stainless steel rope net is resistant to fatigue and impact, and the overall structure is firm.
The open system features of the active protection system can minimize the impact of the project on the environment. The steel column can be used in the protection area: the steel column is processed by different sizes of I-beam according to the different heights of the passive system. The height of the steel column is the same as the height of the system. Stainless steel 304 decorative mesh stainless steel rope mesh flexible stainless steel rope mesh layout of the flexible protection network, coordination, local forces, group bearing components, to prevent local joint forces, to prevent the protection of the network from the broken ring mark, and low requirements bolts and other Component requirements. Product scale system for flexible protection networks: Differences in other and geological conditions and protection requirements have formed.

2. Good perspective, beautiful appearance, novel form, and become a big landscape.
Stainless steel rope net
Stainless steel rope net is the perfect factor to show the noble and elegant concept, so it is often used to decorate high-end famous boutiques. (decorative wire rope net) (curtain wall wire rope net) (exterior wall protection net) used in curtain wall decoration, car showroom, wall decoration, brand decoration, casino protection, LED lighting structure, etc. Stainless steel rope net, made of high-quality stainless steel wire rope, fixed into mesh by weaving, card, etc. Wire rope diameter range: 1.5mm--10mm Paving steel wire rope and suturing with suture rope at the same time. Construction of passive protection system: 1. Clear the rock in the protection area; 2. Determine the position of the anchor and the base; 3. Drill the hole of the anchor and clean it; 4. Install the base and anchor; 5. Steel column, Installation and commissioning of the anchor rope and support rope.
3. Quantitative clear, soft and good, its service life is up to 30 years, no maintenance is needed during the period.
Stainless steel buckle net wire rope net, zoo: Zoo special net bird rope net zoo cage zoo fence net stainless steel rope bird net bird cage parrot cage zoo net bird net bird language forest net zoo fence net animal cage net animal cage The decoration of the monkey cage decoration net: stainless steel decorative net protection net: stair protection net bridge protection net garden protection net stainless steel fall protection net plant climbing net net stainless steel net pocket weaving net pocket. Whether the design of the bird cage stainless steel rope net is reasonable, whether it conforms to the bird habits and characteristics, does not rust, adapts to various climates, does not require any maintenance, has a long service life, is flexible, and is suitable for various terrains and cage shapes.
4. The size specifications can be adjusted freely without deformation.
In addition, Cannes stainless steel wire rope net is also widely used in macaque purse nets, macaque cage nets, long-tailed langur cage nets, long-tailed langurs nets and other monkey cage nets, monkey seine nets. The mountain wire rope net adopts a steel wire rope anchor or a steel anchor bolt and a support rope fixing method to cover the metal flexible net on a slope surface with potential geological disasters, thereby realizing a slope protection network for slope reinforcement or limiting the falling rock movement range. There is no specific specification, it can weave mesh of any size, which is very popular among designers and users.
5. The installation is particularly convenient. The stainless steel rope net can adapt to different environments and can be installed and installed on any structure. Widely used in museums, exhibition halls, cultural centers, stadiums, opera houses, high-end brand-name flagship stores, star-rated hotels, cafes, shopping plazas, villas, office buildings, etc. The building of many domestic fairs and exhibition halls has applied a large number of wire rope nets to improve the quality of Chinese buildings.
Stainless steel rope net