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why the stainless steel rope mesh suitable for roadside protective nets

Time:2019-06-21 Views:240
Why is the stainless steel rope net suitable for roadside protection nets and bridge protection nets?

The stainless steel rope net as protective mesh of the viaduct on both sides  is a kind of isolation net specially designed for the expressway. The bridge protects the stainless steel rope net. Since the stainless steel rope net is made of stainless steel, it has a very strong anti-corrosion effect. The technicians of our factory will provide detailed materials, rope diameter, hole spacing and overall structure advice according to your requirements and specific application environment to guide the installation. In order to facilitate customers‘ choice, the stainless steel rope net factory will recommend common specifications according to the installation experience. If the application environment is special, engineers and technicians can carry out survey and design, and put forward detailed materials, rope diameter, hole spacing and overall structure advice. . The stainless steel rope net is a high-end and professional zoo special net. The products are made of high-quality stainless steel wire rope and are twisted and braided by a unique process. The use of stainless steel rope net: the zoo, safari park, and ocean park can withstand the wind and the sun, long service life, can effectively block the intrusion of animals on both sides of the highway, and also protect the vehicles and vehicles on the highway. The stainless steel rope mesh collides, and the stainless steel rope net has good flexibility, which can effectively reduce the casualties and losses of accidents.

The special advantages of the special flexible protective net and stainless steel metal flexible rope net of the zoo are as follows: 1. The stainless steel wire rope mesh surface is soft, which can effectively protect the birds from damage to feathers during flight collision and the impact of tigers and other ground animals. Wear and tear on the fur. As well as the impact of buffering people or other factors on the stainless steel rope net, it has a good protective effect on personal safety. 2. The stainless steel rope net is durable and has high tensile strength, and the service life can reach more than 30 years. The zoo cage net has light weight, high strength, never rust, good softness, fatigue resistance, impact resistance and large breaking force. The overall structure is sturdy and durable. The service life of more than 30 years is hanged on the suspension bridge or on both sides of the viaduct. The stainless steel rope net can also form a beautiful landscape, which can make people on the road feel happy. The attached scaffolding has a low removal position and is equipped with safety devices such as anti-overturn and anti-fall. It is safe and reliable in frame protection, and it also avoids the unsafe hidden dangers caused by falling objects and hangers. The accessory scaffolding equipment is highly automated and can be managed according to the equipment. Since its height is only 4-5 times the height of the ground, it is attached to a fixed position and is very regular and easy to inspect and manage. Compared with traditional scaffolding, it can effectively prevent the lack of wall parts, the fall of objects when it is taken off, and the safety hazard of lifting when the crane is removed. The product characteristics of stainless steel decorative rope net can be summarized as "safe, beautiful, durable and environmentally friendly".