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xiangxiang active protective mesh professional construction

Time:2019-06-12 Views:320
Xiangxiang active protection network _ active protection network professional construction
[baina wire mesh products] active protective net, the company‘s main: slope protection net, stone cage net, stainless steel rope net (active protective net, passive protective net, ring protective net, Titanium network Brooke net, SNS flexible slope Protective nets, lead wire cage nets, hot-dip galvanized stone cage nets, stone cage net cages, bird language forest nets, stainless steel braided rope nets, stainless steel net bags), the products are sold all over the country, accept export goods orders, and accept the map, come Sample, incoming assembly production and processing business.
The active protective net active protection system is wrapped with various types of flexible nets mainly composed of steel wire nets on the required protective slopes or rocks to limit the weathering and flaking or damage of the rocky soil on the slope and the rock collapse (reinforcement), or Control the falling rock within a certain range of motion (enclosure).
Materials: wire rope mesh, ordinary wire grid (often referred to as wire grid) and TECCO high strength wire grid. Construction: The first two are fixed with wire rope bolts and/or support ropes, the latter two are fixed with steel bars (pre-stressing can be applied) and/or wire rope bolts (with edge support ropes), special anchor pads and necessary edge support ropes.
[baina wire mesh products] active protective net, the following is the importance of slope protection: protect the normal growth of vegetation, green environment to prevent stones from falling, prevent soil erosion, protect the environment from heavy rain, and prevent the erosion of hillsides The occurrence of mudslides. The flexible protection and intercepting strength are sufficient to absorb and disperse the impact kinetic energy of the transfer stone. The design and adoption of the pressure reducing ring further enhance the momentum of the system. The following describes the construction requirements of the active slope protection net: the measurement and release line of the slope protection net construction: from the lower part of the protection area along the middle and the two sides of the line to measure the anchor hole position, and chisel at each hole position A pit having a depth not less than the length of the exposed outer sleeve of the anchor rod, generally having a diameter of 20 cm and a depth of 15 cm. Before the construction of the active slope protection net, the floating soil and pumice in the slope protection area shall be thoroughly cleaned. Grouting and inserting the bolt, the M20 cement mortar is not less than M20, and it is better to use cement mortar with a sand-to-ash ratio of 0.45-0.50 or a pure cement slurry with a water-cement ratio of 0.45-0.50.
Active protection network
Product characteristics: The functional principle is similar to the surface protection system such as sand blasting and soil nailing wall, but due to its flexible nature, the local concentrated load is continuously surrounded by materials: steel wire mesh, ordinary steel wire mesh (commonly called steel wire grating) and The TECCO high-strength steel mesh fully utilizes the protection function of the entire system. Part of the load is applied to the entire system, enabling the system to withstand large loads and reduce the anchoring force requirements of single anchor bolts.
The primary construction method of the active protective net: the site should be staked out before construction and the length of various bars should be calculated. Ropes (or ropes) are reinforced by twisting or braiding and then joined into fibers. It has good tensile strength but no compressive strength and can be used as a tool for connecting and pulling. The following are the precautions for the construction of the rope guardrail and the mounting bracket: the cable and the cable end anchor can be connected to the screw of the tie rod. The order in which each cable is installed is performed as described above until all the erection is completed. Make another adjustment to all the tie rods. In the temporary tension state, the correct position of the cutting cable can be determined according to the size of the anchor at the cable end to cut off the excess cable. The section of the cut cable should be vertical and neat. To prevent the steel wire from loosening, it can be tied with wire at both ends of the cut. The cable can be cut with a high speed, toothless saw to avoid causing the ends of the cable to anneal. After the cable is cut, it is anchored in the anchor head of the cable end by the anchoring method of the mold or the anchoring method by perfusion.
For the active protective net, it can effectively prevent the free fall of various objects on the building site, thereby generating a buffering effect. Therefore, it is also called the dense mesh building network, most of which is green, and some are blue or very few other colors. The slope protection net should pay attention to the maintenance during use: avoid serious loss of acid and alkali smoke splicing around the seine, and repair it immediately. When contaminated with chemicals or embedded in coarse mesh and other foreign matter that may cause abrasion, it should be rinsed and dried naturally after washing. Avoid dragging the net over rough surfaces or sharp edges to prevent people from jumping in or throwing items into the net. The passive protective net is composed of four main parts: wire rope net, ring net, fixing system, pressure reducing ring and steel column. The steel column and the steel wire mesh are combined to form a whole body, and the surface of the protected area is protected by surface protection, thereby preventing the falling of the collapsed rock soil and protecting the slope. During the construction process, it is strictly forbidden to throw any objects and stones into the Bu, so as to avoid the impact of the lower personnel on the mechanical operators.
Active Protection Network