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zoo animal stainless steel woven mesh

Time:2019-10-10 Views:1208

The transparent mesh of the zoo enclosure provides visitors with a unique view of the animals.

Now, zoo enclosures made of durable steel mesh offer a new solution for animal exhibits.The old-fashioned way is usually to confine it to a living area, usually a cage.

Stainless steel braided mesh is the final transparent mesh structure and the main load-bearing structure.Its various mesh sizes suit all animal species, allowing visitors to see gorillas, monkeys and big cats up close.

This application of stainless steel woven mesh will provide better conditions for animal protection education.The special structure of the stainless steel woven mesh creates an open environment for the observer.Because it can be integrated with the natural scenery.

Cage made of wire rope net usually has the following characteristics:

Wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, not afraid of animal tear and bite.

With high adaptability, can be stretched or cut to adapt to various designs.

Invisible barriers provide open views.

Lightweight and strong enough to provide safety for animals and people.

Flexible and easy installation, low maintenance cost.

Here are some examples of zoo architecture: