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stadium fence stainless steel rope mesh

Time:2020-03-25 Views:2221

Stainless steel rope mesh stadium fence,also called football seine,also is playground seine ,it is mainly stalled and used in some
sports places.can achieve the role of protecting security.,it is new protective product ,specially desgned for the stadium.the mesh
height ,strong anti-climbing ability.stadium guardrail net is belongs to a kind of field seine mesh.stadium fence has many ffeatures ,
such as bright color,anti-aging,anti-corrosion,complete in specifications.smooth surface ,not easy deformation by external force
impact.The field construction and installation the biggest feature of product is flexibility.shape and site could be adjusted at any time
according to the field requirement.

Stainless steel rope mesh stadium fence :

Common wire rope structure:7*7  7*19 high quality stainless steel wire rope.
Common wire diameter:1.0、1.2、1.5、1.6、2.0、2.4、2.5、3.0、3.2、4.0、5.0mm,etc
Common material:304、304L、316、316L,stainless steel wire rope,woven with special technique

Application scope of stainless steel rope mesh stadium fence :bascketball field ,football field,golf course,gargen xilla stadium,private
swimming pool,cityscape,athletic field,school,military facilities,tourist resort,Enterprises and institutions sports field.

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