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Industry news

Advantage analysis of stainless steel rope mesh

Time:2019-09-12 Views:490
High speed slope protection is mainly covered stainless steel wire meshand wrapped on the required rock and slope.stainless steel have the good flexibility and protection .
And easy to spread also very convenience on installation.Now commonly used stainless steel wire mesh system is mainly used in the way of die cutting installation, has the advantages of short time limit, low construction costs.The slope protection net not only avoids the slope instability caused by the rise of groundwater pressure, but also allows the free discharge of groundwater.The stainless steel rope net does not destroy and change the original landform and vegetation growth conditions of the slope, and its open characteristics reserve the necessary conditions for the implementation of artificial slope greening later or in the future.So the stainless steel wire mesh not only protects the slope but also the environment.Safety net is one of the most effective safety protection facilities to prevent falling accidents.It also plays an important role in avoiding and mitigating fall and object damage.Safety net is the height of the operation of essential protective equipment.Due to different safety requirements and different specifications of different construction projects, erection methods are also different.

1. Check whether the safety net is corroded or damaged before use.

2, in the construction to ensure that the stainless steel rope mesh integrity and effective, reasonable support, uniform stress, there is no debris in the net.Lap to closely rely on, do not have gaps, build the safety protection net, must not be removed during the construction, damage.

3. The safety protection net must be checked regularly before use, and the use records should be tracked. Safety nets that do not meet the requirements should be timely handled.

4. When not in use, the safety protection net must be properly stored and kept to prevent damp and mildew.

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