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stainless steel wire rope woven mesh gibbon cage fence mesh

Time:2019-10-06 Views:1220

Stainless steel wire rope woven mesh is used as gibbon cage fence mesh is a very good material.Baena stainless steel rope net factory provides gibbon with safe and healthy cage net material.

Gibbons are primates that climb and live in rainforests.So gibbon cages must have had trees or ropes as the basis of their habitat.Heavy metal mesh can limit these natural elements, but materials such as nylon mesh are not safe and durable enough.The durability and lightness of stainless steel mesh is the perfect solution to this problem.

As long as the use of 3.2mm or 2.4mm wire diameter stainless steel woven mesh can ensure safety.This is the property of stainless steel, which is strong and does not rust.With the right mesh, gibbons can create a closed and natural environment.Due to the flexibility of stainless steel woven mesh, designers can design any shape of cage, stainless steel mesh can be adapted.Keeping it safe can also increase tourist attraction.

Gibbons, orangutans, and apes are a must in zoos and wildlife parks.People love them and want to protect them and keep them in the environment they love.Therefore, the stainless steel rope woven mesh cage net material is favored by people.

Baena stainless steel rope net factory is a specialized in the production of zoo nets.We advocate animal protection and return to nature.Baena has been providing safe and reliable zoo cage nets for zoos and construction companies around the world, including aviary nets, monkey exhibit nets, gibbon cage fence nets, tiger enclosures and so on.

Stainless steel wire rope woven network, cage fence network on the selection of bai na manufacturers.Wholesale price, let you save money;Brand quality, let you free of worry.Welcome to consult!