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baina wire mesh attention matters

Time:2019-05-27 Views:865
The stainless steel rope net is a kind of product in the wire rope net. It is made of stainless steel wire rope and is divided into bayonet type and braided shape. High protection strength and easy to spread. The installation process is standardized and systematic to accommodate any slope terrain. The active protection network system uses a die-cutting device. Or the largest bar is tied to the interior wall (floor), from the wall and large bar (or floor) equal to the exterior wall (or floor), and the large horizontal bar at 15 cm. The net should be set at every 3 meters. A pole is kept at 45 degrees to the ground, and the point of the pole should be firmly fixed. For example, when the local board cannot be fixed, you can set the sweeping bar and connect some branches to the column. The height of the attached scaffolding is usually 4 - 5 times the height of the ground. This height only covers the support of the scope of the building and the structure of the demolition of the formwork,
Advantages of stainless steel rope net: excellent environmental performance, convenient and flexible installation and long service life. 304, 304L, 316, 316L wire rope and stainless steel buckle. Unique metal lines. The animal cage net and animal purse net produced by Cannes Stainless Steel Rope Net Factory are ideal choices. Grasping the characteristics of animal activities, not being restrained, and combining with our own site environment issues, we have studied and produced animal cage nets and animal purse nets woven with imported stainless steel wire ropes. The sight is good and blends with nature, which gives the animal an illusion of being natural. The mesh is even and the wire diameter is smooth, which protects the damage caused by friction during the climbing process.
Stainless steel rope net is a new type of decorative net product. The appearance of stainless steel rope net is deeply loved by everyone. So it is sure that it is good to be sought after by high-end clubs. Then I will analyze the material of steel wire rope for high quality heat. The advantage of hot-dip galvanizing is that it is not rusting or corrosion-resistant in outdoor applications. The rigid flexible active protection system has made the SNS flexible active protection system a large-scale application in the prevention and control of slope geological disasters. The principle of system protection is similar to the surface slope protection system such as spray anchor and soil nail wall. However, due to its flexible characteristics, the system can transmit the local concentrated load uniformly to the surrounding area to fully exert the protection ability of the whole system, that is, local load. The special manufacturing process of its materials and high anti-corrosion and anti-rust technology. Determined the ultra-high life of the system.

Stainless steel rope net
Advantages of stainless steel rope net:
1. Excellent environmental performance: Green building has always been the subject of our advocacy. Before many homes or home improvement, formaldehyde will inevitably appear, which will stimulate the physical and mental health of family members or customers, which seriously violates the theme of environmental protection. With the advent of stainless steel rope nets, many high-end residences use stainless steel rope nets. Pure metal products do not contain any chemical elements, and will not damage the surrounding control quality, and the effect after decoration is simple and generous, yet noble and elegant. There is no specific specification, it can weave mesh of any size, which is very popular among designers and users. Directly affect their reproduction and growth. The location and form of bird cage construction should be considered and designed and constructed in terms of feeding purposes, breeding types and economical and practical requirements. Birds have different requirements for bird nets due to their different body types and habits. Although they are good at flying activities, the birdhouse protection nets can‘t be made too big. Too tall is often inconvenient for management and visits. Generally, it can be divided into small, medium and large bird cages according to the size of the bird.
2. Flexible installation: stainless steel rope net is used as the partition of the hall. It only needs to install a stainless steel metal rod when hanging on the ceiling. The stainless steel rope net is hung on the top and the installation is completed, and the stainless steel rope net has the effect of opening and closing. It is also very flexible to use.
3. Long service life: The stainless steel rope mesh is made of stainless steel and can be used for decades even in harsh environments. It has a service life of up to seven or eight years under indoor conditions. The surface of the stainless steel rope is dusty, and it can be restored with a towel to restore the original light.
Stainless steel rope net, also known as green plant climbing net, stainless steel climbing net, plant climbing net, etc., is a climbing attachment of vine green plants in the growth process. Stainless steel buckle net wire rope net, zoo: Zoo special net bird rope net zoo cage zoo fence net stainless steel rope bird net bird cage parrot cage zoo net bird net bird language forest net zoo fence net animal cage net animal cage The decoration of the monkey cage decoration net: stainless steel decorative net protection net: stair protection net bridge protection net garden protection net stainless steel fall protection net plant climbing net net stainless steel net pocket weaving net pocket. Whether the design of the bird cage stainless steel rope net is reasonable, whether it is consistent with the bird habits and characteristics 2. Close to nature, green and environmental protection. It will not corrode rust under different environments. It blends in with the surrounding scenery.