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Metal curtain wall mesh production

Time:2019-04-08 Views:785
The atmosphere in the furnace of the metal curtain wall net is different in the local 

atmosphere, and the formation of the scale will also change, which is also the reason for 

the unevenness after pickling. Therefore, when heating, the atmosphere of each part of the 

furnace must be similar. To this end, we must also rethink the cycle of the atmosphere. The 

bricks, asbestos, etc., which constitute the gantry used for the heated product, if it 

contains moisture, the water will evaporate when heated, and the part directly contacting 

the water vapor will be different from the atmosphere of other parts, and the formation of 

the scale will of course not coincide. . Objects that are in direct contact with the heated 

product must be fully dried before application.

The leveling of the metal curtain wall net, the finished metal curtain wall net will have a 

certain degree of deformation, we will use the leveling machine for leveling. Continuous 

Forming: Forming processing methods that are larger than the size of the metal curtain wall 

net mold, such as large-size blinds, rolling bars, rolling steps and other processing 

methods. The electrostatic spraying process on the metal curtain wall network does not 

require thinner materials, no pollution to the environment, no poison to the human body, 

the appearance of the coating is bright and beautiful, the adhesion and mechanical strength 

are stronger, the curing time of the spraying construction is short, and the coating is 

corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant. The ability is much higher, no primer is needed, 

and construction is convenient.

Baina Metal Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. is located in Hebei, China. It is a professional 

manufacturer specializing in the production of architectural decoration nets, metal woven 

nets, building curtain wall nets, metal mesh curtains and art nets.