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metal ring mesh application and advantage

Time:2019-04-11 Views:1519
The following small series introduces you to the application of metal ring network and its own advantages.

Metal ring net use: Wide range of applications, metal ring net can be used as a ceiling decoration for building ceilings, partitions, sunshades, balconies and corridors, pillar surface decoration, roller blinds, stairways and restaurants, offices, exhibition halls, shops High-end interior decoration. The characteristic of the decorative hook flower net is that it is not limited by the size of the space, and the installation is simple, and the lighting will produce a very mysterious effect, and the modern feeling is extremely strong. It can be said that the structure is beautiful, durable and durable.

Metal ring nets have been widely used in building decoration, so why should we use metal ring nets, of course, because he has its own advantages. The metal ring net is made of stainless steel wire, and the metal wire has its own flexibility and gloss, so it is suitable for decoration. The color of the metal ring net can see different effects from different angles under the light. At the same time, the metal ring mesh can also be sprayed into different colors, such as bronze, brass, copper jujube or other colors. Stainless steel decorative mesh can also be woven into different patterns, such as: embossed decorative mesh, hook flower decorative mesh, metal mesh curtain and so on. Metal ring nets are widely used for interior decoration of facades, partitions, ceilings, sunshades, balconies, and corridors, pillar surface decoration, roller blinds, stair passages, etc.

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