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stainless steel buckle mesh view

Time:2019-07-11 Views:822
Baina specializes in the production of stainless steel buckle rope net, stainless steel animal fence net, stainless steel decorative net, curtain wall decorative net, stainless steel buckle net and other products, then these products are more prominent is the stainless steel buckle rope net with safety protection, also called Stainless steel buckle net.
It is well known that appropriate security measures must be taken in any public place. For example, high-rise shopping malls need to design railings to prevent falling; children‘s playgrounds need protective fences and so on. But when it comes to zoos, animal fences and cages must be suitable for animals in addition to safety. In the case of a high degree of safety, space is also provided for the animals. And also consider the visitor experience. Therefore, professional animal fences should be installed and professional fence materials should be used. The next time you use the fence, you must consider it carefully to get the right animal fence material. The silk screen originated from Ming Xiaozong for eight years. The earliest prototype was compiled with Juan and silk, and later evolved into metal weaving. Baina Stainless Steel Rope Net has decades of experience in producing and selling stainless steel woven wire mesh fences.
Modern screens can be divided into four categories according to their different manufacturing processes: weaving series, welding series, cutting series and stamping series. The stainless steel rope woven mesh and the crimping net belong to the woven series net, which are called stainless steel woven sleeveless net and stainless steel sleeve net. The wire rope net is made of high-quality stainless steel, aluminum alloy and phosphor bronze. It is made of special technology, weaving, stretching and stamping. It has durability, gorgeous high-grade, simple and elegant style, and the combination of science and art is widely used in museums and exhibition halls. Cultural center, stadium, opera house, high-end brand-name flagship store, star hotel, coffee shop, shopping plaza, villa, office building, etc. The building of many domestic fairs and exhibition halls has applied a large number of wire rope nets to improve the quality of Chinese buildings. It must be said that birds are a very popular animal, whether it is domestic, zoo or avian park. And many birds also involve different types of birdhouse seine.
Both of these networks are very dynamic and high quality products, and the aesthetic effect is very good. The material is stainless steel. The stainless steel is characterized by higher content of nickel and chromium than ordinary iron wire, which has high corrosion resistance and no rust. The custom mesh size can effectively cover the top and the periphery of the animal cage, and the installation is flexible and simple. The stainless steel wire mesh is beautiful and close to nature. It is a green environmental protection net with good permeability. The stainless steel rope net is resistant to corrosion, wind, frost and snow, and is very suitable for outdoor animal cages. It has good flexibility and is very suitable for acrobatics, performance field protection, etc., saving space. Stainless steel wire rope material: stainless steel 304/316l mesh, support rope and anchor system Stainless steel woven wire mesh fence is a beautiful and practical product formed by hand-woven stainless steel wire rope.
Stainless steel wire mesh. Stainless steel buckle network is neither knotted nor crossed. It is a parallel structure of steel wire ropes, which are connected by stainless steel buckles (ferrules) and repeatedly bent. For the choice of decorative style, usually everyone has a different choice, because in the decoration industry, you choose the aesthetic style, he chooses the classical style, some people choose, the passionate style, some people choose the low and gentle style, this It is determined according to each person‘s personality. So if you choose a stainless steel rope mesh with color decoration, for example, there will be one or the other choice. At this time, if you can‘t filter, choose your own style. Once the style is wrong, it will have a great impact on your future life. It can be seen that the stainless steel woven wire mesh fence is indeed a solid barrier. It provides security for humans and animals, as well as aesthetics.

Use - Stainless steel woven mesh is widely used, zoo, birdhouse, stair protection, architectural design, decoration, garden, stadium, etc. can be used without restriction. The buckle network is mainly used for sites with relatively low security requirements such as decoration and design. The evolution of the city may be much different than you think. Stainless steel decorative net-curtain wall decoration net-stainless steel buckle net is a decorative wire mesh for exterior and high-rise buildings with protective and decorative effects. The steel has a soft and soft strip steel personality. It highlights the high-end, stylish style of the building, and it has its own unique charm. Due to the excellent processing properties of the metal mesh, the variety of colors and the good safety, it can fully adapt to the design of various complex shapes, and can increase the concave and convex lines arbitrarily, and can process various types of curved lines, giving Architects are greatly favored by architects for their enormous space. The product is resistant to corrosion, tensile strength, cold and high temperature, and is very suitable for outdoor decoration nets.
Having said that, sum up the stainless steel rope mesh products for a wide range of uses, beautiful and durable, safe and reliable, good permeability, easy installation, long service life, etc.
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