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stainless steel wire mesh used as landslide prevention

Time:2019-05-05 Views:954
Application areas of stainless steel rope net: zoo fence, animal fence, house in animal cage, bird cage building, marine park, garden protection building, park beautification and greening, safari, bridge protection, stadium fence, supermarket, airport, brand Shops, exhibition halls, villas, opera houses, and municipal construction, amusement parks, metal curtain walls, interior and exterior architectural decoration, protective works, etc. This is an ideal choice for modern decoration and protection. However, the local suffered a decade After a heavy rain or storm assault, it should usually be reviewed again, because the landslide may also occur when this abnormal weather occurs. Today, Cannes Xiaobian introduces you to the rope guardrail. How the rope guardrail protects the safety of pedestrians. In the long straight section, the scenic area and the place where the appearance is beautiful, because the rope guardrail has an attractive appearance, the cable guardrail is arranged in harmony with the landscape, and the passengers are not depressed, and the driving is more comfortable. In the snow-covered areas, the tiled turf vegetation will be washed away by the rain if it encounters strong winds, heavy rains, etc. under mild natural conditions.

Baina stainless steel rope mesh is widely used in decoration, protection, fencing and other fields. In the past two decades, stainless steel wire rope has been produced for more than half a year. More than half of the stainless steel rope protection network is exported to Europe and the United States every year. There is always a customer because the price of stainless steel wire mesh is more expensive than other protective nets (such as: Dutch net, hook net, net net, galvanized net, etc.), give up buying. There is no obvious difference in early use, but after a long time The use of the problem, gradually found, rust, damage, corrosion, regular maintenance, short life, etc. value reduction, such as the development of a reasonable blasting scheme, etc., can also try to improve the c and φ values ​​of the rock and soil, for example, by grouting reinforcement Rock and soil. The anti-drainage measures are adopted to reduce the phreatic level in the rock and soil of the slope as much as possible, which not only improves the anti-sliding force of the slope but also reduces the sliding force, which is an effective and economical method for stabilizing the slope. RX-050 passive protection net: The specification of steel wire rope net adopts DO/08/300 type steel wire rope net. It is recommended to use 4m*4m net block. If necessary, other sizes of net block can be used at the edge. Groundwater activities play a major role in the formation of landslides.
The stainless steel rope we have in Cannes also highlights its advantages. After a long period of use without rust spots, it also has the initial flexibility. During the period of no maintenance, life has no problem for decades. Stainless steel rope net The weaving technology and other material protection networks are completely different. Others can use the machine, stainless steel rope net is purely hand-woven, the machine can not be woven, different material materials are also destined to be more expensive than other purse net protection networks. In fact, in the daily use process, the protective net can replace the root function of the vegetation, firmly grasp the soil and rocks in the mountains, and prevent the soil and rocks on the mountain from collapsing and falling due to the lack of vegetation coverage. In view of the fact, the use of protective nets is not only low cost, but also effective. RX-025 passive protection net Features: 1. Quick installation: the characteristics of split type materials and combined installation determine the ease of use and quickness of engineering installation. 2. Open design: Landslides can occur. Generally, slopes of rivers, rivers, lakes (reservoirs), seas and gullies, open hillsides and railways on the front edge are vulnerable to attack.
Of course, the sales price of stainless steel rope nets is not the same. Why are some cheaper and some more expensive? The main reason is the material problem. Generally speaking, the stainless steel metal mesh is made of 304/304L / 316/316L stainless steel wire rope, and the specific difference We can see it with the naked eye, so there are many raw material requirements in the market that are less than 304 stainless steel rope net products, which will also affect the use effect and life. If the base has cracked damage, it must be replaced. If the anchor is deformed at the top but does not affect the downward tightening, no replacement is required. If severe deformation or cracking occurs and the base is loose, the anchor should be repositioned in the adjacent position to displace the base and steel column. RX-025 passive protection net Steel column When the rock falls accidentally directly impacts the steel column, if it is bent and the angle exceeds 15 degrees, the steel column should be replaced.