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What are the institutional measures for constructing a mountain slope protection network?

Time:2019-08-02 Views:903
What are the institutional measures for constructing a mountain slope protection network?
The slope protection net is made of low carbon steel wire, which has a solid structure and a flat surface. Widely used in slope support, roadbed reinforcement, shotcrete hanging net, foundation pit support, mountain rock face hanging net shotcreting, slope planting (greening), agricultural construction and construction industry, used for reinforcement, protection, Floor concrete reinforced panels can also be used to make poultry fences, fish pond fences, children‘s playground fences and home decorations.
What are the institutional measures for constructing a mountain slope protection network?
1. Establish and improve the quality inspection and evaluation system
According to the characteristics of the project and the need to effectively control the quality of the project, the inspection and evaluation system for the quality of the on-site project shall be established and improved in accordance with the provisions of the procedures. The project department organizes a quality spot check every month. According to the quality spot check and inspection, the project quality review meeting is held to analyze the quality problems, eliminate the hidden dangers of quality, and propose corrective measures to ensure the timely and effective operation and implementation of quality management.
2. Implement quality supervision engineer supervision system
The project department will ensure the effectiveness of on-site quality inspection engineers on the quality inspection and supervision of the project by means of institutionalized management; at the same time, the quality inspection engineers will be given administrative rewards for the quality of the project. The project department has a full-time quality inspection engineer and a quality class inspector.

3. Establish a contact system with the supervision engineer

The quality inspection engineer of the project department is the liaison between our and the supervision engineer. The quality inspection engineer listens to the supervision engineer‘s opinions on the quality work of the project in a timely manner. In particular, the improvement opinions and measures proposed by the supervision engineer should be timely organized to implement the relevant personnel. The quality assessment meeting of the project department invites the supervision engineer to participate, and the quality management system of the project is connected with the supervision system.
4. Measurement, test monitoring system

The establishment of the construction technology department, the material supply department and the site experimental station, equipped with sufficient technical strength and equipment, together with the supervision engineer to strictly control the quality.
5. Education and training system

After entering the market, technical training will be implemented in phases. Firstly, the engineering and technical personnel and management personnel will be trained, and then the engineering and technical personnel will use the project to start the employee learning meeting intermittently to improve the quality of the staff, make publicity and education work, improve the attention of the employees participating in the quality work, and strengthen the quality awareness.
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