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Why do bird forest use stainless steel rope net to do?

Time:2019-08-22 Views:756
Why do bird forest use stainless steel rope net to do? The reasons are as follows:
1. The factory can customize the mesh area of stainless steel rope net, and the custom size can cover the entire bird forest.
2. The special stainless steel rope net of Bird Language Forest Network has a long service life of more than 30 years;
3, good flexibility, not limited by the shape of the animal cage, can be folded and pulled at will.

4, Beautiful and transparent, close to nature, green and environmentally friendly; can give animals an unconstrained sense of space, while giving visitors a good viewing vision;
5, The tensile force is large, can effectively resist the external force, and the rodent bites the stainless steel rope net;
6, Corrosion resistance, no rust, suitable for outdoor climatic conditions.
  Generally speaking, the mesh size of the stainless steel rope net is determined by the size of the animal, and the rope of the steel rope is determined by the fierceness of the animal. The specific size and size are selected according to the actual application environment.
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