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action principle introduction of stainless steel wire mesh

Time:2019-08-30 Views:246
The stainless steel rope net system is similar to the surface layer slope protection system such as spray anchor and soil nail wall. However, due to its flexible characteristics, the system can transmit the local concentrated load uniformly to the surrounding area to fully exert the protection ability of the whole system. Load, the overall effect, so that the stainless steel rope network system can withstand large loads and reduce the anchoring force requirements of a single anchor.
In addition, due to the openness of the system, groundwater can be freely drained, avoiding the instability of the slope caused by the increase of groundwater pressure; in addition to contributing to the stability of the slope, the system can also inhibit the slope from further damage. Weathering and erosion, and no special requirements for the morphological characteristics of the slope, without destroying and changing the original landform morphology and vegetation growth conditions of the slope, and its open characteristics are necessary for the subsequent or future conditions and when necessary, the artificial slope greening is retained. Conditions, green plants can grow freely in their open space, and the soil-fixing effect of plant roots is integrated with the slope protection system, thereby suppressing slope damage and soil erosion, which in turn protects the landform and slope vegetation. The best slope protection and environmental protection.
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