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active protective manufacture teach you how to choose product?

Time:2019-06-13 Views:392
We carefully select stainless steel wire mesh products, choose the old brand, the high reputation of commercial products, not only can see the price of the product, the price of one point is based on the actual basis. Is the rope guardrail embedded in the column in the middle of the installation? Small problems often occur during the installation process, such as how to place the middle pillar in the guardrail and the middle pillar when installing the rope guardrail. The small series below surrounds the pillars embedded in the rope guardrail to introduce you to several common methods. I hope to help you. The GAR1 active protection net installation project has the advantages of short construction period and low cost compared with the conventional slope engineering. It will also encounter various difficulties during the installation process. From your own personal experience, talk about the difficulties encountered during installation. First, the selection of the position of the anchor hole should be selected as much as possible when selecting the anchor, and try not to choose a loose place to open the eye. If the rock orientation is in the eye, it will cause the rock to loosen, or the earth and sand will be poured, the open protection system of the active protective net, and the groundwater can be freely drained. Avoid the problem of slope failure due to elevated ground water pressure caused;
First, when the middle pillar is embedded in the soil, there are usually several construction methods: excavation and embedding. In the middle pillar position, the hole should be dug. The diameter of this hole should not be less than 20cm. After the positioning, the sand layer is layered and filled. , 夯实. The thickness of each layer of backfill should not exceed 10cm. Drilling method. The position of the middle pillar should be mechanically drilled by auger. When the drill is buried in the depth of the column, the column will be hit to the required depth. Enter the law. The position of the middle column is directly driven into the soil by the pile driver (pneumatic pile driver, vibratory pile driver, etc.). The column should not produce obvious deformation, inclination or distortion. Slag blocking, slag dam, mountain protection, reinforcement and Rescue, concrete and pipe joints. Anti-seepage, soft base treatment. Let‘s share the slope protection net with everyone. Since the slope protection net has very high strength and elastic internal energy absorption capacity, it is maintenance-free in most cases as long as the falling rock characteristics are correctly analyzed and the correct system design is selected. Uses: Applicable to the high mountains and ridges with buffer zones next to the building facilities. The rock fall, flying stones, avalanches, and their open features retain the necessary conditions for subsequent or future conditions and when necessary, artificial slope greening is required.
Regardless of the construction method used, the position of the vertical column is correct. The vertical and horizontal positions are consistent with the arrangement of the road, and the height is in accordance with the regulations. The end of the column should not be damaged. When the intermediate column is embedded in concrete, it can be based on the conditions of the foundation. And the type of guardrail is used to design the embedded part. Generally speaking, it is necessary to install holes in the hole around the cement concrete structure and the steel strip. The stainless steel rope net is mainly used for interior decoration nets, safety fences, stair fences, animal cages. Garden protection network, playground and other local security protection system. Stainless steel rope net is a new decorative net product. Next, I will analyze the advantages of stainless steel rope net. All high slope construction of GSS2A active protection net must be advanced Do a good job of intercepting ditch and drainage ditch, and cut off the water flow of the mountain. Drainage facilities must be connected to the actual terrain and adjacent ditches to ensure unimpeded drainage during the rainy season. Strictly carry out graded excavation and classification protection, and combine excavation and protection on unstable slopes to avoid excessive exposure time of excavation slopes, so that the slack relaxation range becomes larger and new diseases are caused. Let‘s share the railway slope protection net with everyone. It is recommended that the engineering department find a professional construction team. The professional construction team can give full play to the flexibility of the slope protection network.

Excellent environmental performance: Green building has always been the subject of our advocacy. In some industries, industrial and domestic clothing inevitably appears formaldehyde, stimulating the health of the family or consumers, seriously contrary to the theme of environmental decoration. With the stainless steel wire mesh Appeared, many high-end residential buildings use stainless steel wire mesh, pure metal products without any chemical elements, will not damage the surrounding control quality, the decoration effect is simple and generous, without losing elegance and elegance. The installation is flexible and convenient: stainless steel metal mesh as a partition hall, Only the stainless steel rods and stainless steel ropes are installed on the ceiling after installation, and the effect of opening and closing of the stainless steel rope net is very flexible. The rigid grid has the ability to adapt to any slope topography, device program standardization, systemization, etc. The strengths, the product is mesh, under the visual disturbance, it is easy to artificially beautify and is conducive to environmental protection. Compared with the traditional construction method, the system overcomes many shortcomings in the rigid protection construction. The modular device method is adopted to shorten the construction period and construction cost. The whole system is made up of high-strength steel wire rope flexible, anchor and other equipment attachments. . High-strength steel wire rope flexible net (diamond steel wire rope net, installation procedure standardized, systematic. The structural surface through the vegetation of the developed root system and the slope body combined into a homogeneous whole,
Long-term service life: stainless steel rope mesh is made of stainless steel, which can be used for decades even in harsh environments. In indoor conditions, the service life is 70 or 80 years. The stainless steel rope has dust on the mesh surface and is wiped with a towel. The net can restore the initial bright effect. The stainless steel rope net has a unique advantage as the bird song forest net. In the bird language of the zoo, the birds fly around and can control the range of activities of the birds. The railway slope protection net is abnormal. Analysis of wear causes 1. Classification of abnormal wear of railway slope protection nets (1) Abnormal wear of bearing surface or non-bearing surface. During the operation of the railway slope protection net, the bearing surface or the non-bearing surface is severely worn alone, resulting in most of the exposed wire rope net of the wire rope. (2) The bearing surface or the non-bearing surface is abnormally worn on one side. During the operation of the steel cord core tape, the bearing surface or the non-bearing surface is exposed on one side of the wire rope. (3) The belt edge is abnormally worn. Implement a 24-hour dynamic view of the bridge to eliminate road sickness and improve the road safety index. Improve the ability to deal with sudden incidents.
Active protection network
A large stainless steel rope net covers the bird‘s activity. It is both a bird‘s net and a flexible net of stainless steel rope. It not only allows birds to enjoy the high-altitude flight, but also prevents birds from flying out of the circle. During the breeding process, birds may bite and scratch the stainless steel rope net, but because of the strong flexibility of the stainless steel mesh, it is generally not bitten. It has the ROCCO ring mesh weaving with a snap connection, and then The cooperative anchor is fixed in the stable area of ​​the uphill slope, so that the entire surface of the hillside forms a stable maintenance net, which can be used to avoid the rolling of some gravel on the top of the mountain. The primary installation area of ​​the ROCCO ring network is close to roads, railways, and linear engineering areas, because these areas have large traffic volumes, which simply cause inevitable disasters for vehicles and pedestrians, and are economically underdeveloped in these areas. The system uses steel wire rope as the main component and covers two basic types of (active protection) and interception (passive protection).
The active protective net active protection system is wrapped with various types of flexible nets mainly composed of steel wire nets on the required protective slopes or rocks to limit the weathering and flaking or damage of the rocky soil on the slope and the rock collapse (reinforcement), or Control the falling rock within a certain range of motion (enclosure). The first two are fixed by wire rope anchors and/or support ropes, the latter being passed through steel bars (prestressing can be applied) and/or wire rope anchors (used with edge support ropes), special anchor pads and, if necessary, edge supports A fixed way such as a rope. For example, the collapse of the mountain and the geological disaster of the weathering of the slope. Once the geological disaster occurs, it will bring different degrees of damage to the life industry of the surrounding citizens. The ROCCO ring network reduces the occurrence of these disasters to a certain extent and stabilizes the slope. Maintaining a good ecology and slowing down further weathering of the slope. The annual dry season is a period of high incidence of slope disasters. These conditions are highly uncertain, complex, random, regional, and diverse, and are not simply controlled by people. Let‘s share the railway protection net with everyone. The floating soil and pumice stone in the slope protection area are eradicated.
It has high flexibility, high protection strength and easy spreadability. Adapt to any slope topography, the installation procedure is standardized and systematic. The system adopts the die-cutting installation method, the construction period is short, and the construction cost is low. The special manufacturing process of the system materials and high anti-corrosion and anti-rust technology determine the ultra-high life of the system. The system can reduce the impact of the engineering team environment to a low point, and its protective area can fully protect the stability of the soil and rock, facilitate artificial greening, and is conducive to environmental protection. It is generally loaded with forklifts and crane equipment. Other parts such as the pedestal can not be dragged, these are hot-dip galvanized, it is difficult to guarantee the life of the galvanized layer. The flexible stone network needs to cover it during transportation to prevent rainwater corrosion. Although it is not affected too much, we have ensured that it will not be damaged before being sent to the project.
Active Protection Network