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Industry news

Animal cage mesh and wildlife zoo fence growing trend

Time:2019-10-16 Views:1214

From big cats to polar bears, baina stainless steel rope factory custom zoo cage nets and wildlife park fence nets have been used by many zoos at home and abroad for many years.In addition, construction companies and design companies also work with us.

Baina‘s woven zoo cage net and safari fence and aviary solutions provide a clean and natural environment for animals while still providing a high level of safety and security for animals and visitors.

Zoos and wildlife parks have come a long way in the past few decades, as has the belner stainless steel rope factory zoo fence system and bird cage net, as well as the monkey tunnel net system.

The safety and security of zoo visitors and animals is a priority when learning how to update animal enclosures to meet the needs of modern zoos or wildlife parks.Instead of wanting to be separated from the animals, visitors want to feel that the cage is part of their attraction.By weaving the zoo fence, people can feel open and safe at the same time.

That‘s why so many zoos and wildlife parks have changed their zoo fences to woven wire mesh to protect their visitors and animals every day.From lions to tigers, let‘s take a look at our zoo enclosure to help your next enclosure become the main attraction.

The zoo cage net

1. Safety - certification, toughness and strong loading capacity.

2. Excellent elasticity and rigidity, adapted to the climbing habits of animals.

3. Good perspective and provide a good view

4. Easy to clean and environmentally friendly

5. Simple structure, strong and durable

6. Cost effective, with little maintenance cost.

Yes, it is because of these incomparable advantages that woven wire mesh fences are becoming more and more popular, replacing other materials.

Zoo cage net and wildlife park fence net, stainless steel rope net to choose bai na manufacturers.Wholesale price, let you save money;Brand quality, let you worry.Contact us for more information.