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Animal cage ,stainless steel wire mesh price

Time:2019-06-28 Views:224
1, the appearance is more beautiful
A small stainless steel rope net, we hope that its appearance is more beautiful, the color is constantly enriched, to meet the individual needs of different customers.
2, the technology is more refined
With the enhancement of consumer brand awareness, more and more companies realize that quality is one of the most important factors for the long-term survival of enterprises. Now many domestic stainless steel rope net enterprises have many years of technical research experience, and already have the production of refined hot plating. The quality of zinc stainless steel rope mesh, so the quality of stainless steel rope net will get better and better.

3. Product patentization
In recent years, many well-known spray-coated stainless steel rope net enterprises have been infringed by other small processing factories and suffered from different degrees of economic and brand image damage. Therefore, the patentization of spray-coated stainless steel rope net products will be more and more valued by enterprises.
4, energy saving and environmental protection
Environmental protection and energy conservation is the theme of social concern. In addition, the current building materials are coming to the countryside. Therefore, environmentally friendly and energy-saving products will be favored by the market. In the stainless steel rope net industry, it is embodied in two aspects: one is the use of environmentally friendly materials, and the sprayed stainless steel rope net has a long service life, which reduces the waste of non-renewable resources in society. One is that the installation process is energy-saving and pollution-free; the hot-dip galvanized stainless steel rope net is assembled and installed to reduce the air and noise pollution caused by arc welding. It is in line with the energy-saving and environmentally friendly product technology that the country is pushing hard.
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