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BAINA stainless stell rope mesh animal cable mesh

Time:2019-06-24 Views:839
BAINA Zoo steel cable network can also be called zoo stainless steel cage net, woven wire rope protection net, etc., is a high-quality stainless steel wire rope hand-cross-woven mesh.
  Although it is also a type of cage network, it is different from traditional cages. The stainless steel animal rope net is a mesh structure with good perspective and concealment. It can provide animals with a natural environment, and is easy to clean and disinfect, which is very good for protecting animals from diseases and infections.
  One of the main reasons why zoos design animal cages or aviaries is where health and safety activities are provided for animals and birds.
  However, no matter how high the safety, traditional cages still limit the exposure of animals to other natural environments such as sunlight and rain. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the cage clean, so as to prevent the growth and spread of the disease. This is why even if you use cage network, you should pay attention to cleaning.
  A clean and clean animal cage not only provides a good environment for animals, but also protects animals from diseases and infections.

Tips for cleaning animal cage nets or bird nets
  Usually do some regular cleaning and cleaning. The stainless steel rope net has a smooth surface, is not afraid of moisture, is not easy to corrode, does not rust, and can be cleaned with water.
  If thorough disinfection is required, try to use a disinfectant that does not harm the animal. It is best to transfer the animals to a temporary cage to prevent the disinfection product from harming the animal. Do not put the animals back immediately after disinfection. Wait for one or two days to dry, then put the animals back to the original cage.
  Regular cleaning and disinfection at the zoo is essential to ensure the health and safety of the animals. The selected animal cage net must be easy to clean, which will bring great convenience to the administrator.
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