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Detailed introduction of stainless steel rope mesh and pandent lamp anti-fall mesh bag.

Time:2019-11-05 Views:1386
Product name: stainless steel rope net chandelier anti-fall net
Chandelier anti - fall net: is woven by high - quality wire rope.
Twisting and winding method: can be divided into single rope, double rope and triple rope.
Steel wire rope is the flexible rope that USES many or much fine steel wire to twist, steel wire rope is twisted by multilayer steel wire become, take rope core as the center again, by certain number of twist the rope that wraps helix shape.In material handling machinery, for lifting, traction, tension and bearing.The strength of wire rope is high, light weight, stable work, not easy to be broken suddenly, reliable work.
Construction of wire rope:
1. Steel wire: steel wire plays the role of bearing load, and its performance is mainly determined by steel wire.Steel wire is carbon steel or alloy steel through cold drawing or cold rolling into a round (or profiled) wire, with high strength and toughness, and according to the use of environmental conditions for different steel wire surface treatment.
2. Rope core: it is used to increase the elasticity and toughness of wire rope, lubricate copper wire, reduce friction and improve service life.Commonly used rope core organic fiber (such as hemp, cotton), synthetic fiber, asbestos core (high temperature conditions) or soft metal materials.
Features of wire rope network:
8 resistance: wear resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, acid and alkali resistance, fire resistance, ozone resistance, flexural resistance, corrosion resistance.
2. Flame retardant, tear proof, long service life
3. High tensile strength, small elongation, slotting and impact resistance.
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