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Expressway protective mesh four major advantage

Time:2019-09-20 Views:302
Expressway protective mesh four major advantage:

Nowafay ,the highway guardrail mesh application is more and more ,what is the reason make this product so popular,In fact,there are mainly the following characteristics,now let‘s share,

1. Function of separation of highway guardrail network: guardrail network will be flexible car, non-flexible car and pedestrian traffic separation, longitudinal separation of the way on the section, so that flexible car, non-flexible car and pedestrian traffic separation, improve the safety of the way traffic, improve the traffic order.

2. Blocking effect of highway guardrail network: the guardrail network will block bad traffic action, pedestrians or bicycles or flexible vehicles trying to cross the road.Guardrail net has certain height, certain density (refers to vertical column), but also has certain intensity.

3 guardrail network warning effect: through the installation of guardrail network outline concise and clear, warning drivers to pay attention to the existence of guardrail network and pay attention to pedestrians and non-flexible cars, so as to prevent traffic accidents.

4. Elegant effect: through the guardrail network of different materials, different situation, different shapes and different colors, to achieve harmony with the path environment.

Visible, the city traffic guardrail network is not only a brief separation of the way, the more important goal is to express the flow of people, traffic and the transmission of urban traffic information, establish a traffic rules, protect the traffic order, make the city traffic to safety, fast, orderly, smooth, convenient consequences.

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