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Feature and specification of steel wire rope mesh winding method

Time:2019-10-23 Views:1160
Winding method of the steel rope mesh: can be divided into single winding rope,double rope and triple rope.
The categary of steel rope mesh:1,round strand rope ,2,braided wire rope,3,flat rope.

The net made of the wire rope connected by the wire rope buckle is dark green wrapped plastic wire rope net

Stainless steel rope mesh features:

1. 8 resistance: wear resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, acid and alkali resistance, fire resistance, ozone resistance, flexural resistance, corrosion resistance.

2. Flame retardant, tear proof, long service life.

3. With high tensile strength, small elongation, slotting.Shock resistance.

Wire rope specifications:

Product specifications: 1*7-2.1mm 1* 72mm -3mm 1* 72mm -4mm.

Structure: 1*2, 1*3, 1*7, 7, 3*7, 1*19

The rope diameter: 0.25 mm - 8.0 mm

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