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functional advantage of flexible stainless steel rope mesh

Time:2019-09-02 Views:231
The flexible stainless steel rope mesh layout of the flexible protection network, the coordination, local forces, and components of the group bearing, prevents local joint forces, prevents the protection of the network from breaking the ring mark, and the low requirements of bolts and other components. Product scale system for flexible protection networks: Differences in other and geological conditions and protection requirements have formed. Examples of serialized system products, system components that standardize device deployment.
The flexible stainless steel rope mesh flexible protection network is highly adaptable: the flexibility of the system and the characteristics of the maneuver deployment can adapt to various terrains and landscapes, and usually do not require the excavation of buildings, and the original landforms and vegetation conditions to effectively cover.
Flexible stainless steel rope net is a light and open system: high-strength light steel layout system, easy to transport materials, open network layout, visual disturbance, connecting the growth of native vegetation under slope and artificial greening conditions, conducive to slope groundwater Natural release.
There is almost no disturbance in the construction of flexible stainless steel rope nets: no large-scale excavation, no large-scale material transfer, construction and crowd construction, normal operation of adjacent buildings, other practices, and damage to pedestrians and vehicles.
The flexible stainless steel rope net is fast in construction and easy to carry: the equipment is simple, the labor intensity is small, the labor intensity is low, the foundation engineering of the earth and stone is small, and the construction of the building block adapts to the harsh conditions of the mountainous area.
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