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hebei sport ground stainless steel fence construction

Time:2019-05-20 Views:697
The plastic coated hook flower net is carefully crocheted with high quality PVC wire. Its mesh is even, the mesh surface is flat, the appearance is wide, the mesh width is wide, the wire diameter is thick, the corrosion life is long, and the weaving is simple, beautiful and practical.
Plastic coated chain link net use: widely used, raising chicken, duck, goose, rabbit and zoo fence. Protection of mechanical equipment, highway guardrails, fences in stadiums, protective nets for road green belts. After the wire mesh is made into a box-shaped container, the mesh box is filled with slabs or the like, and can be used for protecting and supporting seawalls, hillsides, roads and bridges, reservoirs, and other civil engineering. It is a good material for flood control and flood resistance. It can also be used in the manufacture of handicrafts and the transportation network of mechanical equipment. Most of the fences installed in the stadium are the chain link fences, and the hook fences are mostly dip-coated and over-molded. The colors are mostly grass green and dark green. The stadium fence is mostly green because green is the closest to natural colors. Green is the color of the grass, green marks the spring, and green represents a scent of vitality. Green is also the color that most maintains both eyes. Therefore, the chain link fence of the stadium purse device is mostly green. In 2017, the stadium fence will usher in new development opportunities. The surface of the stadium fence will be more elaborate, the appearance will be greatly improved, the anti-corrosion effect will be greatly improved, and the service life will be greatly increased. The stadiums produced by our factory have many styles, and they are still being improved. According to the problems found by customers during the actual use, we will make targeted improvements. In order to make the stadium fence better play its role. Product specifications: 1. Stadium fence net column? 76 wall thickness 2.5mm steel pipe. Cannes Metal Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. is a professional fence net, isolation net, sports field fence, PVC enclosure, sound barrier, climbing net sales enterprise. Cannes wire mesh is designed for you to install a safe and secure fence. Cannes Metal Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. product range fence, wrought iron fence, zinc steel fence, chain link fence, stadium fence, municipal road barrier, residential area, factory mine warehouse / workshop barrier. Widely used in industrial, petroleum, chemical and other fields, highways, railways, airports, ports, municipal construction, aquaculture protection nets; decorative nets for parks, lawns, hotels, wholesale markets, supermarket shelves, handicrafts, etc.; Building nets for building buildings, building roads, etc.

Sports field fence
The track and field fence is also known as "stadium fence" and "stadium fence"; it is a new type of protective product designed for the stadium. This product has high net body and strong anti-climbing ability. The track and field fence is a kind of site fence. It is also called "sports fence". The playground fence network belongs to the kind of venue fence, also known as sports field fence, sports venue fence, stadium fence network, stadium fence, stadium fence and sports fence, etc., including tennis court fence, basketball court fence, Football venue fence, badminton court fence, volleyball court fence, golf course fence, school playground fence, track and field fence, sports fence and playground fence. Plastic coated wire diameter: 3.8mm; mesh 50mmX50mm; size: 3000mm (width) X4000mm (height); column: diameter 60/2.5MM steel pipe; horizontal column: diameter 48/2MM steel pipe welding; connection: card connection; anti-corrosion treatment : Dip. The playground fence has the characteristics of bright colors, anti-aging, corrosion resistance and complete specifications. The overall mesh surface is flat and strong, and it is not easily deformed by external force. The advantage of the sports field fence net is that the product has bright color, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, complete specifications, flat surface, strong tension, not easy to be impacted by external force, strong impact resistance and elasticity. The on-site construction and installation flexibility is strong, and the shape and size can be adjusted at any time according to the site requirements. The football field fence is a new type of protection designed for the stadium. This product has a high net body and strong anti-climbing ability. It is also known as: "Sports fence", can be installed on the site to install the fence, the fence, the product *** features flexible, can adjust the structure, shape and size of the mesh at any time according to requirements. The stadium fence is suitable for use as a stadium fence, basketball court fence, volleyball court and sports training venue within a height of 4 meters. The dip-molding product is based on steel, and the weather-resistant polymer resin is the outer layer (thickness 0.5-1.0MM). It has anti-corrosion, anti-rust, acid and alkali resistance, moisture resistance, insulation, aging resistance, good hand feeling, environmental protection and long life. It is a new generation of traditional paint, galvanizing and other coatings. Its surface is dip-coated and high-quality low-carbon steel wire is used. Weaving method: Weaving and welding. Specifications: 1. Plastic coated wire: 3.8mm; 2. Mesh: 50mmX50mm; 3. Size: 3000mmX4000mm;