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zhejiang zoo mesh fence transportation convenience

Time:2019-05-17 Views:513
Zhejiang Zoo Wei Net manufacturers are convenient to transport. The road is unimpeded by civilized driving, and life is happy because of entering and leaving peace. Cannes Xiaobian introduces you to the zoo fence.
There are many types of zoo fences. How can we judge the quality of a zoo fence?
1. It is necessary to clearly see the profiles of the zoo fence. The zoo fences of different materials may have different product performance characteristics. In this respect, it is natural for the vast number of consumers to seriously study.
2, need to judge from the overall structure of the product, if the structure is more reasonable, more concise, such products are excellent, the zoo fence to strive for simplicity, do not purchase some overly complex products, due to the complex product itself There are a lot of disadvantages, so if you want to consult this issue, you still need to be prepared for this.
In fact, no matter who you are, the purchase of the zoo fence network needs to choose a good manufacturer. A good manufacturer not only does a perfect job in the appearance of the product, but also does a very good job in the quality maintenance of the product. The choice is relatively large. Manufacturer.
Zoo fence

Here are three misunderstandings in the use of the zoo fence
1. When using the zoo fence, it is often removed. Some people think that the zoo fence does not play much role. After using it for a period of time, it is found that the zoo fence has been completely blocked. At this time, the zoo fence is simply removed. Nor is it replaced.
2, when buying the zoo fence, do not pay attention to quality, although many customers nowadays when changing the zoo purse, especially for small suspended particles, the filtering ability is strong, and the physical stability is strong.
3, the maintenance of the zoo fence is very rigid, not flexible enough. However, the degree of pollution in cities today is different, and the corresponding number of suspended particles is different.
The zoo fence is also called "stadium barrier" and "stadium fence". It is a new type of protective goods specially designed for the stadium. This product has a high net body and can be climbed to be strong. The stadium fence net belongs to the kind of site fence. It is also called “sports fence”. It can build the equipment on the site. The fence and the fence are of great flexibility. The mesh can be adjusted at any time according to the demand. The layout, appearance and scale. There are many standard and variety of zoo purse, basketball court sports fence, playground sports fence, badminton court net, sports fence net, track and field venue fence, sports fence net, sports field sports fence, golf drill net and other goods . The zoo purse network is referred to as “Sports Seine”, which is a kind of field device. The mesh column and the fence are constructed on site. The large features of the product are flexible. The layout and scale can be adjusted at any time according to the needs of the site.
The range of applications and applications of the zoo fence is very extensive. The zoo purse making materials are made of very high-quality iron wire products, and all of them are processed by mechanically automatic instruments through solid welding. The zoo fence is electroplated and hot-plated after a series of processes have been completed. The application of the zoo fence is widely used, for example, in industrial construction and manufacturing, and the basket zoo fence can also be used in agricultural construction. In the construction project, the zoo fence plays an important role, and the zoo fence also plays a unique advantage in the mining and road transportation. With the advancement of the times, the styles of various zoo purse nets have also undergone a qualitative leap. In order to satisfy the consumers‘ eyes and ensure the quality of the products, coupled with the economic principles, the zoo purse produced by our company is made of PVC. The high-quality zoo fence can be used to save the cost of painting the general wire mesh every year, and save a lot of labor costs. Its service life is also three to five years longer than ordinary wire mesh.
The zoo fence consists of two parts: the plastic mesh and the frame. These are all iron products. It is easy to rust and corrode when applied outdoors, which not only affects the aesthetics of the fence, but also greatly shortens the service life of the zoo fence. The anti-corrosion treatment of the zoo fence is very important.
The anti-corrosion treatment methods of the zoo purse are mainly as follows:
 1. Hot dip plastic treatment: a common anti-corrosion treatment, which is also a treatment method with better anti-corrosion effect. The high-temperature burning frame black parts are used, and then immersed in the PE powder tank to make the powder melt and adhere to the surface of the pipe. Form a plastic coating.
 2, electrostatic spraying treatment: generally using galvanized pipe, using the principle of electrostatic adsorption, so that PE powder is adsorbed to the surface of the pipe.
3. Galvanizing treatment: The principle of chemical displacement reaction is used to make zinc adhere to the surface of the pipe to form an anti-corrosion layer.
The zoo fence is especially suitable for use as a zoo fence, a basket zoo fence, a zoo fence, a zoo fence and a sports training ground within a height of 4 meters. The dip-molding product is based on steel, and the weather-resistant polymer resin is the outer layer (thickness 0.5-1.0MM). It has anti-corrosion, anti-rust, acid and alkali resistance, moisture resistance, insulation, aging resistance, good hand feeling, environmental protection and long life. It is a new generation of traditional paint, galvanizing and other coatings. Its surface is dip-coated and plastic coated.