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How to meet the geological condition of stainless steel wire mesh?

Time:2019-09-09 Views:266

Stainless steel wire mesh protection effect needs to meet the following standards to qualify, stainless steel wire mesh system is a new weapon to protect geological disasters, it must meet as many specific requirements as possible:

First: generally speaking, the slope of serious geological disasters, due to the location of remote, steep mountain slope, material transport is very difficult, so the material should be easy to transport as far as possible;

Secondly, from the perspective of environmental protection and engineering aesthetics, the original landscape and vegetation growth environment should be minimized or not destroyed;

Third: as the slope is usually uneven, as far as possible to reduce or no excavation;

Fourth: because often for the mountain canyon field high altitude work, the construction environment is complex and changeable, should use as far as possible light machine tools and a small number of operators;

Fifth: as a result of geological hazards, stainless steel wire mesh should be quick engineering rescue.

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