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Installation tips about the stainless steel wire mesh.

Time:2019-09-17 Views:282

Stainless steel rope net is a kind of stainless steel rope woven into a new type of protective net, now rope net is not only limited as protective net and use, now a lot of stainless steel rope net has been a large number of applications in the decoration industry.

Stainless steel wire net, as a first application in side slope protection fence, fence, this is what we usually say that the slope through its main initiative defend the net cover to prevent the implementation of the tumble on the mountain, and there‘s a passive fence, mainly used in the foot, to effectively prevent the Rolling Stones tumbled, to implement the control within the valid range.

Secondly, in addition to being used as slope protection net, now at the same time applied in some large public production of special repair decoration work, used to highlight the characteristics of the high-end, atmosphere, at the same time this rope net as a decorative supplies applied in the market at the same time also in line with the environmental protection theme of the present society.

Finally, stainless steel wire mesh as decorative nets and breeding with web application in some breeding places of ornamental value, as some animals, such as enclosure with a stainless steel rope net cage, so can put animals in captivity in it due to the permeability is very good, so conducive to further appreciate the viewer the animal‘s life daily life, because the stainless steel wire mesh has the texture of the metal and noble feeling, so can let whole zoo reveals a more high-end, atmospheric characteristics.

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