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production background of steel rope mesh

Time:2019-08-21 Views:249
The stainless steel rope woven net is a flexible protective decorative net produced with the improvement of people‘s life and environmental protection awareness. It is made of high-quality stainless steel material, interwoven with weaving and snap-fitting into a mesh shape. It can be used for building decoration protection, and can also be used for protective isolation nets such as zoos, bird cages, ornamental gardens, park green plants and so on.
The stainless steel wire rope mesh is made of stainless steel wire woven, which is a new type of product. Its weaving process uses stamping weaving and snap weaving. Two different forms of weaving also create two different forms for the stainless steel wire mesh, one being a softer curved angle of the diamond mesh and the other being a triangular shaped diamond mesh.

Stainless steel wire rope net is a kind of decorative net protection net which has gradually become popular in recent years. It can be used both for safety protection and for building decoration net. The stainless steel rope net has its own metallic luster, strong anti-corrosion ability, long service life, and complete specifications and models. Baina manufacturers can customize production according to the specifications provided by customers.
Stainless steel rope net is widely used in zoos, bird cages, bridges, architectural decoration (stair railings, curtain wall decoration, etc.). It is highly resistant to corrosion and is hand-woven. It has good flexibility and is a decorative protection. Very good choice.
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