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what is application of atainless steel rope mesh?

Time:2019-08-20 Views:247
The stainless steel rope net as the viaduct on both sides  is a kind of isolation net specially designed for the expressway. The bridge protects the stainless steel rope net. Since the stainless steel rope net is made of stainless steel, it has a very strong anti-corrosion effect.
Bird language forest is the main technical component of the large-scale outdoor ecological bird garden stainless steel rope net system which integrates green plants, birds, tourists, houses and trees with the natural ecological environment as the core. The steel wire rope/material steel wire rope should conform to GB. /T8919 requirements: The galvanizing capacity of the steel wire rope shall be in accordance with the requirements of Class B galvanized steel wire rope in Table 6 of GB/T8919-1996, the strength is not less than 1770MPa, the minimum breaking tensile force is not less than 40KN (Φ8mm steel wire rope) or not less than 20KN (Φ6mm Wire rope). The lap joint is generally made of ordinary soft pure aluminum tube, the length is not less than 35cm, the outer diameter is not more than 3cm, and the wall thickness is not less than 3mm. It can withstand the wind and the sun, long service life, can effectively block the intrusion of animals on both sides of the highway, and also protect the vehicles that are driving on the highway from colliding with the stainless steel rope net, because the stainless steel rope net is very Good flexibility can effectively reduce the casualties and losses of accidents. The thickness of the buckle is not less than 2mm and is galvanized. The thickness of the galvanized layer is not less than 8μm.

Stainless steel rope mesh specifications: Net block specifications: The finished mesh block specifications are generally 4m × 4m, 4m × 2m, 5m × 3m, 5m × 4m, 5m × 5m, 5m × 6m, and the mesh size can also be adjusted according to design requirements. Mesh specification: The diameter of the diamond mesh is generally 300, 250, 200, 150, 120, 100mm depending on the application. The mesh side length error is not 20mm. Its combination of superior flexural strength and toughness makes it particularly versatile, such as zoo protection.
The stainless steel rope net is hung on the suspension bridge or on both sides of the viaduct. It can also form a beautiful landscape, which can make people on the road feel happy.
Hushan Steel Wire Rope: The main features of the active protection net are divided into three types: steel wire mesh, steel wire mesh and high-strength steel wire mesh. The former two are fixed by wire rope anchors and support ropes, and the latter will be fixed by means of steel bars (prestressing can be applied) and wire rope anchors (when used with edge support ropes) and if necessary, with edge support ropes. The flexible mesh, which is composed of system features, covers the slope with potential geological hazards to achieve its protective purpose.
The active network is divided into four types according to its protection function, protection capability, feature composition and structure.
Animal seine alias stainless steel rope net. Used in the construction of cages such as tigers, lions, leopards, orangutans, monkeys, small cats and some herbivores.
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