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Industry news

Production processing form and method of stainless steel wire mesh.

Time:2019-09-10 Views:278

Now the stainless steel rope network in the wire rope network more and more used in real life, this kind of stainless steel rope network soft, long service life, and beautiful generous.

So how to weave the stainless steel wire mesh?Stainless steel wire mesh in the production and processing of several ways?

First is the stainless steel buckle rope net, this kind of rope net weaving method is purely manual preparation method,

The first step is to cut the silk according to the size required by the customer, and then manually thread the buckle into it.

The second step, the buckle into the wire rope, the need to clamp the card, some manufacturers choose the manual hammer method, but I use the machine pressure method, this method is the advantage of the net out after the flatness, the overall stainless steel pull consistent, the disadvantage is low efficiency, so the price will increase.

The third step is to check if there are loose buttons, and then acid wash the dirty places on the surface of the net.

The fourth step, pack, generally stretch film winding, then packed into wooden boxes.

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