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Stainlees steel protective fall net-high air fall net-stainless steel high atitude protective mesh

Time:2019-09-26 Views:356
New environmental protection high altitude safety falling mesh- stainless steel safety falling mesh, high air falling net, stainless steel high altitude protection net, stainless steel rope falling net, stainless steel rope net, wire rope woven net.Baina stainless steel rope net manufacturers customized production, in the protection of safety, more decorative performance.Stainless steel rope net for high air protection against falling, commonly seen in stairs, high-rise buildings, roof, garden top protection.The following is the case diagram of stainless steel rope net used for high-altitude protection of high-rise buildings:
The specification of stainless steel rope mesh used in this case is: rope diameter 2.4mm, mesh 76mm×76mm, 304 stainless steel material.
Stainless steel rope net is widely used in stainless steel high air anti-falling net, stainless steel safety anti-falling net mainly because of its following characteristics:High tensile strength, strong breaking force, able to withstand high impact and force;
Good flexibility, flexible and convenient, for falling people or objects protection, and can be arbitrarily installed in a variety of design modeling;Corrosion resistant, not rust, beautiful, in the role of safety protection can also have a good decorative effect;
Transparent, do not block the line of sight, will not give people a sense of pressure, comfortable and safe;
Customized products, no matter how big or small your use area, we can be customized, there will be no shortage or excessive phenomenon;Environmental protection, no maintenance, long life, reusable.
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